Second to Last Use for an Old Couch....The Carry Sling

Picture of Second to Last Use for an Old Couch....The Carry Sling
I'm a very pragmatic type person, and I tend to find simple, cheap, and clever uses to the problems I come across.  Very rarely do I come up with these ideas (like the furoshiki Instructables I put together a while back) and this is no exception.  I've seen slings like this in the past where they actually charge money for them but I'm too indignant to buy what I can make easily and enjoy it.  I did, however, come up with the source of the material...a very classy 1980's couch whose covering was pretty much on par with rhino hide.

So, if you've got a couch you just need to get rid of but are looking to get some more use out of it....well, this 'ible is for you.

The only things you'll need are
  • utility knife
  • sturdy needle (sail needle is best)
  • strong thread (I used <1mm window blind cord)
  • about 12'-14' of rope (this will be different for you depending on how wide and long the material from the couch is); I also recommend 3/8" nylon as it make a more comfortable handle
  • oh...and an old couch.
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Step 1: Cut the Back Out

Picture of Cut the Back Out
First thing, spin that thing around and have a look at the back.  Hopefully yours will have a nice big rectangular back.  Now grab the util knife and cut it out as straight and big as you can.

Lay the rope on the long edge of the material and fold the edge over.  Now take some pins and pin the flap to hold it down while you sew.

Step 2: Sew in the Rope

Picture of Sew in the Rope
Now, just sew the folded over piece of material so that the rope is sewn into a channel on the edge. (see bottom note in pic).

Like I said, sail needles are the best for this as they can take the strain of getting pushed through a classy piece of material like this and the triangular shaft make a large enough hole for the thread to be pulled through.
gxsanchez2 years ago
Great idea, and it likely matches the decor of the room with the fireplace, if'n you want to hang it up on a hook or something.
keng (author)  gxsanchez2 years ago
you know I hadnt thought about that! it would look great behind my shotgun.
chefsea2 years ago
Like this. I really like that you are embracing the the theme of this contest. Not only will I vote for you, but also am inspired to create an entry.
keng (author)  chefsea2 years ago
PS: thanks for the vote!
keng (author)  chefsea2 years ago
I'm glad you liked it. I'm looking forward to see what you put together.
This is a clever use for any done-zo upholstery, thanks for the share.