Here is a little slide show of the secret room I made for my boys.  It was wasted space over the garage so I cut a whole in the wall and built it up from empty floor joists.  The area is about 8x6 but not quite tall enough for me to stand up straight.  They were into Lego Batman for the Wii so that's how it got decorated. 
boocat3 months ago


Sunnedaez3 years ago
I am quite sure the kids you built this for are very happy. They will love this forever!
glazzEye4 years ago
Very lucky boys!
Now what you need to do is install a "bat signal" with a switch downstairs, so when they're inside and you need their attention, you can flip the signal and they know to get their butts down pronto.
ayu24 years ago
you just made it on the super cool parent list :)
What I as a child would have given to have my own attic space, accessible through a secret bookshelf entrance!

Maybe now, as a teen, I'll make one for myself, and maybe just not mention it to my parents...
do you know how AWSOME OF A PARENT YOU ARE!?!?!?!??!
Stryker (author)  Zaphod Beeblebrox5 years ago
ditto ditto infinity
sanewby4 years ago
Fun and nice use of otherwise wasted space! I say all space can be used. Right now I am building cubbies (like the ones you made for this room) under the stairway wasted space. Have you ever thought about building shelves under the stair steps - like they do in ships - like a stairway bookshelf? I am thinking about doing this as well but have not created a plan of action yet! Can't wait.
Stryker (author)  sanewby4 years ago
Thanks. Here is the first thing I found on under the step storage.

sanewby Stryker4 years ago
I do like the drawers - tidier too. I have thoughts jumpin in this project already. I'll post some pics when I get further into it. Thanks :D
kenbob5 years ago
I love the entrance!
seamster5 years ago
Very cool.  We had a space like this above the laundry room in the home I grew up in--kind of like an indoor treehouse.  It wasn't a finished room like this, nor nearly as cool, though. 

The entrance is the kicker.  Awesome.
l8nite5 years ago
 I really like the "hidden door" and I bet the kids really love it! There was a similar storage nook in my room when I was growing up, it wasn't finished but with a light and some cushions it made a great private reading space
wholegrain5 years ago
Nominate Coolest Space EVAH!! Great wall deco - secret entrance FTW.
gmoon5 years ago
Hey, my inlaws had a "batcave" in their attic, too. Some guy payed good money to haul the guano away. It's great fertilizer.

(actually, you did a nice job here. I'm sure the boys love it.)