Secret Book Camera: Combine an Ipad and a book to make a hidden spy camera.

Step 3: Glue

Picture of Glue
     Time to glue together part of your book. Mix equal parts water and glue in the small bowl with the paintbrush to form a runny mixture. Generously brush the glue mixture over the three sides of the book (do not brush the binding or covers, just where the pages are exposed). The plastic wrap should protect the pages that you do not want glued and cut. Next, place the book on a flat surface and stack other books or weights on top of it. The glue mixture soaks into the pages of the book and seals them together so that you don't have to glue each page individually. Allow the glue to dry 45 minutes to an hour before continuing to the next step. Don't forget to wash your brush off after gluing or it will harden together.