Secret Book Camera: Combine an Ipad and a book to make a hidden spy camera.

Step 4: Cut

Picture of Cut
     Once your glue has dried, open up the book. The glued section should stick together like one giant page. If it doesn't, then repeat step 3. Pick up your Ipad and set it face down in the middle of the glued section. The Ipad should have at least half an inch of page on each side of it. Next, trace around the Ipad with the pen. Set the Ipad aside and pick up the utility knife and ruler. Hold the ruler along a line of the tracing and cut on the line, using the ruler to guide the knife. Repeat on the other sides of the tracing. Remove the square(s) that you cut out, then repeat the process on the next page down, this time using previous cuts as a stencil. Keep cutting out the squares until you reach the back cover of the book.