Secret Book Camera: Combine an Ipad and a book to make a hidden spy camera.

Step 7: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
     Insert your Ipad into the hollow spot in the book so that the camera lens is lined up with the hole you bored in step 6. Turn on your Ipad and click on the camera app. You now have a hidden spy camera in a book. Sit down in a comfy spot and wait for the enemy to draw near, then start the video. Turn the unglued pages in your book so that it looks like you're reading. 
     You also have a handy case to protect your Ipad. You can keep your Ipad hidden from family members while still being able to use it easily whenever you want. The secret book camera is the perfect tool for amateur spies to watch their enemies, and the book also serves as a protective case to keep your Ipad safe at all times.