Secret Book Hole





Introduction: Secret Book Hole


Thick Book
Aluminum Foil
Exacto Knife

Step 1: Finding the Right Book

Your book Should be Between 1 and 2 inches with a hard cover.

Step 2: Preparation for Glueing

Take a piece of Aluminum foil and place about 15 pages in from the cover.
Then fold ends over the cover.
Repeat process for the back of the book.

Step 3: Glueing

Put glue on a paper towel.
Apply the glue to the 3 sides of the book that are showing pages.
Place something heavy over the book and let the glue dry for 5 hours.

Step 4: Cutting

Cut out the center of the book leaving a 1 inch margin around the edge.

Step 5: Final Touches

Place jewels, important items in the book and store in your bookcase.



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    but... but why a book the book didn't do anything to you. Lol love the idea

    Does anyone else see themselves doing this with a Twilight book? for it is of no use other than to destroy the fate of humanity by turing awesome stalkers of the night into fairies that live in the forest and sparkle in the sunlight

    (sorry for any harsh opinions)

    Very important note. DO NOT let your souse give away your old books to the Goodwill!!!!! I used a volume of an encyclopedia set and tucked it neatly in with the others, only to come home one day and find the whole set gone! but over all it is a great Idea!

    Works great for stashing away my prized possessions but had a hard time with the edges


    When I do this we cut it with an exacto knife over and over again until it goes to the deepness we want.

    with an exacto knife knife
    could also use an oscilatating cutting tool

    Glue makes the hollow pages one solid mass.
    Aluminum foil makes it so you don't spill glue on the rest of the book.

    LOL... now no one will ever be able to find my secret stash! MWAHAHA!.... this is a seriously good idea

    2 replies

    HEY, HEY, HEY! How come only two people commented on this.... its such a good idea.

    What if a book thief comes!!!!

    Do you mean one should apply glue to the outside edges of the pages? And how did you cut the pages? Exacto knife?

    1 reply

    Yes and I cut the pages with a utility knife