Step 1: Supplies Needed

1. Wood ,,length 12",, width 3" 7 pieces
2. Wood glue
3. Hinges

Step 2: Building

First glue 3 pieces together ,, that will be your base

Step 3:

Next when done glueing your base , make a square on top with your other pieces and glue that onto the base

Step 4:

Then get a piece of plywood and make it 12x10 , that will be your door , place it on top and now its time to put your hinges in

Step 5:

You are basically done , you can put any type of lock you want ! And your done !
<p>this box is a surely a great place for &quot;keeping&quot; thing and every one including who is gonna search for it knows that.</p>
<p>Your box looks great. Thanks for sharing your project with us!</p>

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