Introduction: Secret Clock Compartment

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Need a place to keep your stuff, but want it took look nice and be kept from the prying eyes of others? Want it to be stylish, functional, and work with any style of home decor? That can only be two things, a clock, and a hidden compartment. A hidden compartment in a clock you say? What a wonderful idea!

You will need:
1. Clock
2. Hinge
3. Drill
4. Screwdriver
5. (optional) Hooks
6. (optional) Shelves/Shelf Hangers

Step 1: First

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First things first, get a large clock.

Step 2:

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Take off the back of the clock.

Step 3:

Drill holes in one side of the clock for you to place the hinge.

Step 4:

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Attach the hinge to the inside of the clock.

Step 5:

Hinge the clock and the back of the clock together, make sure the hinge is not visible from the outside!!

Step 6:

If you like, place shelves or hooks inside the clock to help with storage.

Step 7:

Make sure the clock can open and close fully, and that the hinge isn't showing!

Step 8:

Mount the clock on the wall like you usually would, only this time there is a secret inside!


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