Secret Code Stick


Introduction: Secret Code Stick

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When you're a spy, it's aboslutely crucial that no intel fall into the wrong hands, or the whole mission could be compromised. Sure you could just hide the message on you, but what if you're searched? You need a backup plan so that even if your message is intercepted it'll be useless to the enemy. You need, a code stick. With this simple device, the only person who can read your message is the one for which it was intended.

Step 1: Required Materials

For this you'll need two pens of the same diameter, one for the sender and one for the reciever. You'll also need a strip of blank paper and a good writing pen.

Step 2: Making the Code Stick

Wrap the paper around one of the pens and write your message with two letters per coil. For my example, I've written "SECRET CODE".

Step 3: Encrypting the Message

Uncoil the paper and add letters to confuse anyone who tries to read the code. To read the message, simply coil the paper back around the pen and read down. This is a very simple encryption, but it's extremely effective. Have fun, and don't forget to subscribe for all sorts of fun and easy projects!



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    I remember learning this from a book. Great reminder.

    1 reply

    That's probably where I learned it too, but it's been so long I can't remember! :D