Make It - Secret Compartment Box III


Introduction: Make It - Secret Compartment Box III


The concept for this box comes from a gentleman named Ross Arnold. The idea was a box that was locked when it was right side up, but unlocked when flipped over. I mulled the idea over for a long time before deciding on this design. Ther major problem was that the objects inside the box would have to be tossed around to deactivate the lock. My solution was to build 1 of the 5 drawers upside down. That way the other 4 could be removed so as not to disturb the contents.

From the outside, with the doors closed, it looks like a very normal box. I wanted to make the inside pop so I went with alternating Paduak and Purpleheart drawer fronts. I'm happy the finish darkened them up and took away the Dr. Suess feel. I'd been sitting on the curly walnut used for the doors for a long time and was so happy to finally see what it looked like with finish applied. The case has grain matched mitres, ebony splines for strength, book matched doors and rear panel.

The hinge pins and lock pin in the lower drawer are 1/8" solid brass rods and the washers for the doors were handmade from a scrap piece of brass sheet. Come to think of it, everything was handmade. Since I couldn't find any knobs that I liked, I made my own by using my drill press as a lathe. It's not as dangerous as it seems if you are careful. Be mindful that the machine will not stop if you decide to get wrapped up in it... The knobs came out nearly identical which was a pleasant surprise and now I really want a lathe.

The finish was a homemade beeswax and mineral oil mixture.

The construction method of the box isn't as important as the concept. As with all my builds, I encourage you to make it your own. Experiment with new designs, materials, finishes, techniques. Every part of this build could be done in a hundred different ways so lack of tools should never be an excuse.




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    awesome! loved your youtube movies, can watch them all day!

    I would love to work as quickly as you did in the video - or even at real time speed. Beautifully made box and hardware! Impressive that you're so precise. The doors of curly walnut came out perfectly. Paduak and Purple Heart are my woods I used - such great colors. Voted for you on ALL fronts!

    great work! I like it. Thanks for sharing.

    Thats lots of work there man. excellent box, instructable and video. Congrats

    Wow! What would you price something like this at?

    1 reply

    Good question. It's not the materials that ad cost, its the time. There are so many hours into this one I don't think it's realistic to sell them. I have no plans on selling the original or any others. Thanks!

    Beautiful... the scale was a trick. I thought it was much bigger originally. This is a great video... I loved all the sound forwarded sounds... great project.

    1 reply