Introduction: Secret Compartment Part One

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Step 1: CAUTION!

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Razor blades are sharp and can hurt you badly so be careful while cutting out pages

Step 2: Info

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First if you are doing this for your first time ,make sure to have extra books you can use.

Step 3: Materials

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You will need a couple of books for backups incase you mess up on the first one and a razor blade to cut the pages(I have tried to use other tools but the razor blade works the best.)

Step 4: Finally Lets Get Started

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Simply draw an outline of what shape you want your secret compartment to be.

Step 5: Cutting the Outline

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Once you have made the outline start to cut it out(only try to cut out 5-10 pages at a time.)

Step 6: What It Should Be Like

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If you have a rectangle outline it should look like this

Step 7: That Is It

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Here are some other pics of the book

Step 8: Another One I Made

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Andrew24241 (author)2013-09-08

Oh good now I have a way to text in class

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