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Introduction: Make It - Secret Compartment Table for My Nines


This piece was created to be an entry into Izzy Swan's furniture design contest. The thought has been in my head for longer than I can remember but it was this contest that caused it to be pushed out.

The main structure and top is made out of Walnut, the drawer and base of the secret compartment are made from cherry , the buttons and hinges are brass.


Plans Available Here -

Step 1: Construction Overview

I built three identical "frames". The top one has a bottom and conceals the secret compartment. The middle one has a channel slide to track the drawer. The lower one keeps the legs in check. I build a tablesaw tapering jig to make four identical legs with the straightest grain I could find. I used a top bearing router bit with a homemade template guide to carve out the notches in the legs for the frames (i removed the bulk of the material with the drill press to make routing easier.

Once the structure was assembled, I mounted the top using two solid brass hinges on the back, drilled the holes for the buttons and fit a drawer made from cherry with a solid brass handle. The buttons are off the shelf items, but five of the six have been modified so they don't function anymore. The top left button releases the pin in the top and allows the top to lift.

The whole thing got two coats of paste varnish.


Plans Available Here -

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    I got the premium so i can download this pdf cause this thing is awesome and it wont let me anyone know whats going on

    1 reply

    its because he sells the plans on his web page, thats why theres no PDF of this project

    This is a very nice compartment table. I like the nines you store under the table as well. Your photos and videos are easy to follow. A pair of these would go nicely in any living room or family room. The paste varnish brings out the natural grain of each type of wood used. The craftsmanship is great. Great job and good luck in the contest.

    Impressive video. Nice build.

    Great jig! Will check out the make for that. Love your work! Why "9s?"

    2 replies

    "9s" is probably a reference to 9mm pistols.

    Oh! Ha ha! Clever.

    Can't imagine a nicer video! Very well done!!

    I would vote but being new to the website don't know where to enter the vote.

    2 replies

    Thank you! There is an orange flag on the right side of the page that says vote. You're free to vote on any and all of them.

    Thanks. That's all I need to know. I was confused by the many options available when I clicked on the vote sign.

    Great table. In your video, how many seconds apart did you have the camera set? (I love stop motion videos.)

    Very cool. I'm not as talented at this point to try to make this, but it's going on my "future projects" list. Thanks and you definitely have my vote!

    Even though I don't have the tools or talent to build this, I think it is one of the best construction videos I've ever seen. Super job!

    1 reply

    I don't own 9's but I do own a 4 and a 5.
    You have me thinking now. I love this! And it looks easy enough to
    build (I do some woodworking as a hobby).

    Where might someone locate the latch mechanism?

    1 reply

    Thanks! All the details are in the video description on youtube. The buttons are from Lee Valley

    nice table and video! What model Sawstop is that? (Table saw porn)

    1 reply

    Very impressive workmanship and design!