Secret Compartment in Chess Table With 9 Move Combo Key !!!





Introduction: Secret Compartment in Chess Table With 9 Move Combo Key !!!

Takes 9 chess move to open the secret compartment , Watch this video and see how !!!

This all started with an idea. Totally motivated by this website when I saw that there was a secret department/door contest. I've always wanted to make a secret compartment of my own. But it wouldn't just be satisfactory to have a secret department that somebody can't find I wanted to invent a trick to getting into the secret compartment a special combination that Only I would know, well at least not until I showed you know I made it. If I need to I could always change the combination of the pieces.

This is a chess table that I had made with a secret compartment underneath that is 8" x 9.5" x 3" deep. To unlock the secret compartment you have to move the chest pieces in a very pacific pattern to be able to unlock the door. I have chosen nine moves in all to complete the sequence. The moves are used by chess pieces that coordinate with their moves in the way they play in the game .

To make this all happened I have bought a cheap chess set for about $20 from target. I have a nightstand that I keep a couple books and chose to put The Secret compartment . The unlocking mechanism is is made with two dowels., PVC pipe, string, weights, seven pulleys of various sizes, 16 magnets .

Also :

Popsicle sticks
Hot glue gun
Hand saw
Gig saw
Wood glue
All kinds of screws
Sand paper
Wood clamps
Stick on cork board
Spray paint
Acrylic paint
Hand sander
Cabinet door hinges

Step 1: The Plan

Step one

First need to learn how to play chess. If you know already then you need to choose an opening or sequences of moves that you want to build your combination to open your secret compartment. This is how I started this project. After I figured out the sequence of moves I started to build a track on some foamboard. Not going to be measurements because that would be a waste of time. Just know it would be smart to measure and then remeasure then remeasure just about everything in this Instructable.

First side

Step 2: Side 2

Side 2

Step 3: Construction

This is the construction of the base and part of the top.

Step 4: Door

Step 5: Mechanics/Pulley System

Step 6: Shelving

Step 7: Paint and Finishing Touches



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    30 Discussions

    Wow, nice. I love the elegance of the mechanism underneath!

    Only step after that is to make the locking mechanism self resetting. So if a wrong move is made it resets, or if not that, at last once you close the compartment door it re-locks so you can simply put the pieces back rather than retracing your moves.

    None the less, awesome work.

    Nice, however even without knowing your moves I can pick that lock in less than 3 seconds by simply turning the table upside down and letting the dowels fall "up" allowing me to open the secret door.

    2 replies

    you can address this issue by improving the lock mechanism, perhaps notches and different lengths of rods. You can also incorporate that string locking mechanism that most pull cord blinds uses like a reverse cord lock mechanism. That way, it doesn't rely on the strength of the magnects and will never fail no matter how hard you shake/tip it over.

    This could be remedied by having an L-shaped piece of wood or metal with a notch for the string that blocks the top of the dowel tubes, and is moved away by one of the chess moves that opens the compartment (probably white's queen's rook moving). Voila, even flipped upside-down, the dowels stay in the tubes.

    Specific. Specific. Pacific is an ocean. I had to tell you to save you from swapping those forever.

    That is awesome! One thing though, if someone did come and fiddle with it, it could take an awful lot of time to reset the thing!

    Wow, awesome job man. Very impressive!!

    Dang, looks like something that came out of an old Indiana jones movie. Really cool 'ible

    I came up with the moves first and started from there . Thank you :)

    Very impressive. You have to think so many moves ahead for a project like this... Great work!

    This is amazingly complex with simplistic moves made of Popsicle sticks. This young man should be working in internet security!

    wow what an amazing job I mean really I'm blown away !!!

    MercuryCrest , I appreciate that video. I am a fan of mechanics also . They are timeless and will last for ever . No batteries or A wall plug-in needed .I love to be inspired and That video did the job.

    Thanks !¡!

    Beautifully done. It's elegant in its simplicity. I'm a huge fan of mechanical (as opposed to electronic) movement. I've seen this sort of thing done before, but it required circuits and thus, power.

    Have you ever looked up the Roentgen writing desk? Similar techniques along with counter weights and springs to add movement.