Since I was a kid, I've always wanted a movie theater and a secret door in my house. Now that I'm all grown up I have built my theater but was losing space to a poorly placed door that led into a very small room containing my sump. I decided to reclaim that space by moving the door, creating a place to store my DVD' s, and get that secret door all in one project.


Tools - You'll need some

Wood - I used 1x8x8 Poplar but you can use whatever suits your needs

Continuous Hinge - Get from Amazon HERE

80lb Mag Locks - Get from Amazon HERE

12v Power Adapter - HERE


Step 1: Plan everything out ahead of time.

I highly suggest measuring and planning everything out ahead of time as the key to a good secret door is close tolerances and a snug fit.

First I made measurements of the area I wanted to put the door and built the area using sketchup. I then built the DVD case virtually so I could determine if there would be any binding points. I was originally going to space the shelves out evenly, but in building the real version, I decided to leave the top shelf taller so I could put movie gadgets there.

<p>These secret doors are so cool</p>
<p>love the toy story poster</p>
<p>Very useful. Thanks for sharing. A lot of houses need just this type of thing to help make good use of space.</p>
<p>Where did you find the magnetic switchs?</p>
<p>The magnetic locks you can find on Amazon, I think I put a link in the first step. If not, search for 80lb magnetic locks. They can actually be 110lb locks if you use a 24v power supply, but the rf switch only works on 12v</p>
Run your locks off 24 volt and use your RF transmitter to trigger a relay that interrupts your locks. of course his would require 2 seperate power supplys but it's worth it for 60 extra pounds. you could even use a resistor to lower the single 24 volt power supply down to 12 volts just for the RF transmitter, and still do a relay interrupt.
To protect it from inadvertently opening, you could incorporate a screen door spring into the back to keep it from swinging open and avoid the hassle and potential noise of a UPC unit during a power outage. The strength of it as a safe room would primarily be the lack of being able to find it, as smashing thru poplar shelves and quarter inch ply would be pretty easy. To make it lockable for the sake of hiding, a dead bolt lock on the inside should be plenty effective and not rely on power sources or finicky electronic systems.
<p>Wow, great project!! That can be a panic room or &quot;daddy's special library/medicine cabinet&quot; </p><p>The black color hides any hint of a door. </p>
<p>Thank you! I actually thought about the panic room idea as I was finishing the project. The main give away is the sound of the water in the sump during the spring time. I think I'm going to work on some sound proofing of the room as well as a reinforcement lock on the inside so my wife might have a place to hide if i'm not home.</p>
<p>Why would it matter how much your stuff weighs for the hinge? I would think the vast majority of the weight would be on the caster.</p>
<p>The caster helps distribute some of the weight, but there is still a downward force on the hinge itself. The big issues is that the floor isn't perfectly level so, at times, the caster is off the floor. If you have quite a bit of weight, it might be enough to tweak the shelf out of alignment. I think by switching to a spring loaded caster, it might alleviate that issue.</p>
<p>Very cool, just might have to try this one out one of these days.</p>
<p>Mount the momentary switch at the back of the shelf unit. And place a weighted DVD cover infront of it so you just pull the cover away long enough to unlock the door. Just a thought. :0)</p>
<p>I like that idea! I would have to wire up and around around the hinge side, but it would work.</p>
I like you magnet lock idea. maybe incorporate a fingerprint scanner under the lowest shelf out of sight or a DVD that sits on a momentary switch normally off until the DVD is removed.
I like the idea of a fingerprint scanner! I thought about the momentary switch under the dvd, but it is difficult to mount something into the shelf itself. I'm currently toying with the idea of putting the rf remote inside a hollow dvd case so you just need to squeeze the case to open the lock.
nice. you could use an Rf proximity scanner with it and just keep a programed card on you. arduino is something you could use there!

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