Secret Folder


Introduction: Secret Folder

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A secret folder is waiting for you....

Step 1: You Will Need

@1 Keyboard

@2 Mouse


Step 2: Mission SFP

1. Make a new folder on desktop.
2. Right click on the folder and click on properties.
Delete the name New Folder and press Alt + 255 (on num pad).
4 Now click on customize tab and click on Change Icon .
5 Scroll and click on blank space (given in the image).
6 Click on OK then on Apply.

Step 3: Magic !

Go on desktop and you'll find  a secret folder.
Now for the PRANK 
Move all the icons on the desktop to that secret folder and you'll be left with a blank screen.
Wait for the victim and let him get irritated while he is finding the icons.

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    You can end the process "explorer.exe" to hide the taskbar and the icons, but leave the desktop picture.

    Doesn't seem to work to for Win 7. When I try to change the icon picture it is looking for a file to be selected.

    1 reply

    It will happen sometimes.You just have to delete the folder and create the thing again.

    See if you can irritate him more by other instructables by me!!!!