Secret Gum Stash





Introduction: Secret Gum Stash

And yet another nearly impossible-to-notice stash. This stash was invented by my friend Gur, this instructable is his original design.

Step 1: Materials

1. 5 gum
2. glue
3. knife or other cutting tool
4. something to stash

Step 2: Prepare Box

1. Take out gum
2. Pull out the paper inside the box
3. (optional step) reinforce box to prevent crushing

Step 3: Make Left and Right Sections

1. Take 3 pieces of gum and cut 2 in half.
2. Glue the pieces of gum together so that the tops are aligned.
3. Repeat this step to make the left and right sections.

Step 4: Make Center Section

1. Take 3 pieces of gum and cut 2 in half.
2. Discard (or chew) 1 of the half pieces.
3. Glue

Step 5: Assembly

1. Glue left, center, and right sections together
2. Insert into box
3. Add insert a real piece of gum in case anybody asks for a stick



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    How could you reinforce the box?

    Nice job! I just bough some 5 gum but I ate a few pieces so I don't have enough to make this. I will buy some more ASAP and make this stash!


    another idea would be to keep the used gum in whole form and then somehow hid the real gum from view, then the person asking for gum would get a used peice and eat the piece! hhahaha its soooo evil

    Im a bit confused, why would you make a secret stash in a gum box?

    so you can keep your stash on you, cause no one would think to check a fake gum pack

    True, but only if they've been to Instructables, and even then only if they've seen this.

    lol my dad is a cop (for 20 years) and he's the one who told me about this place... so yeah... I do believe they've been here before.