Introduction: Secret Gum Stash

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And yet another nearly impossible-to-notice stash. This stash was invented by my friend Gur, this instructable is his original design.

Step 1: Materials

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1. 5 gum
2. glue
3. knife or other cutting tool
4. something to stash

Step 2: Prepare Box

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1. Take out gum
2. Pull out the paper inside the box
3. (optional step) reinforce box to prevent crushing

Step 3: Make Left and Right Sections

Picture of  Make Left and Right Sections

1. Take 3 pieces of gum and cut 2 in half.
2. Glue the pieces of gum together so that the tops are aligned.
3. Repeat this step to make the left and right sections.

Step 4: Make Center Section

Picture of Make Center Section

1. Take 3 pieces of gum and cut 2 in half.
2. Discard (or chew) 1 of the half pieces.
3. Glue

Step 5: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

1. Glue left, center, and right sections together
2. Insert into box
3. Add insert a real piece of gum in case anybody asks for a stick


Michele Gamer (author)2016-12-06

Awesome but I am really confused. ?

Adambowker98 (author)2012-09-01

How could you reinforce the box?

Adambowker98 (author)2012-09-01

Nice job! I just bough some 5 gum but I ate a few pieces so I don't have enough to make this. I will buy some more ASAP and make this stash!


Apple_4_life (author)2010-07-15

another idea would be to keep the used gum in whole form and then somehow hid the real gum from view, then the person asking for gum would get a used peice and eat the piece! hhahaha its soooo evil

The Who95 (author)2010-07-06

Sweet knife!

=SMART= (author)2008-06-22

Im a bit confused, why would you make a secret stash in a gum box?

CurtosNoirDesign (author)=SMART=2008-06-22

so you can keep your stash on you, cause no one would think to check a fake gum pack

lol they will now.

The Mollusk (author)aliceownsj002008-06-23

True, but only if they've been to Instructables, and even then only if they've seen this.

aliceownsj00 (author)The Mollusk2008-06-23

lol my dad is a cop (for 20 years) and he's the one who told me about this place... so yeah... I do believe they've been here before.

The Mollusk (author)aliceownsj002008-06-23

Lol, you don't live in Utah do you? That would suck if cops in my area figured this out...

I live in Utah. =D What part are you from? I'm in Kearns.

Salt Lake City, its kinda boring here, unless you know a few "creative" games... Maybe I should make an Instructable on flaming tennis...

doughnutguy1 (author)The Mollusk2010-05-21

Sounds dangerous... Let's do it!

Iridium7 (author)The Mollusk2009-01-31

me and my friends like to play quarters. (It is a game where you spin a quarter and depending on whether or not the coin lands heads or tails other person lays their knuckles on the tables and the other slams the quarter into thier knuckles.)

volquete (author)Iridium72009-06-09

that hurts my friends knuckles tore open and he bled evry where!

absolute zero (author)Iridium72009-02-19

we played that, but we spun the quarter and you had to flick it while spinning and have it keep goin, an u got hit if you knocked it down

The Mollusk (author)Iridium72009-02-11

Ya I played that in middle shcool. It didn't really hurt but it was great when blood would spatter over the table and the crowd would freak out. Ah... It was great fun, but it gave me little scars.

bahahahahahaha yessum, 'ible pleaze xD

I did it like a week ago.

aliceownsj00 (author)The Mollusk2008-06-23

haha you'd be surprised how smart they are to look through things... if they really feel like finding your stash, they'll find it lol but just don't act weird about it and they probably wont do anything

The Mollusk (author)aliceownsj002008-06-23

Sounds like the voice of experience lol

aliceownsj00 (author)The Mollusk2008-06-23

Eh, I hid cigarettes during high school haha pot stayed at home.

The Mollusk (author)aliceownsj002008-06-23

Lol, did you ever get busted by your dad?

aliceownsj00 (author)The Mollusk2008-06-23

nope, but that was many many years ago... haven't smoked cigs or pot for years lol

The Mollusk (author)aliceownsj002008-06-23

Good for you (both for not getting busted and for quiting cigarettes).

this is true

icanryme2002 (author)2008-06-22

What if the cop wants some gum?

The Mollusk (author)icanryme20022008-06-23

Then give him the middle piece, that will convince him that its a real pack of gum and nothing else.

chardster (author)The Mollusk2008-07-13

What if the cops partner wants some gum too?

catboo22 (author)chardster2009-07-02

you could have the pattern be 4,4,4 so there would be 3 peices of real gum but also less stash space

Obito (author)2009-05-06

you like stashing stuf don't you! =P

The Mollusk (author)Obito2009-05-09

Its more just that I'm bored and I want to make things that require a great deal of skill (not that this does), and to me making something camoflauged to the rest of the world is fun and artful.

volquete (author)The Mollusk2009-06-09

this is cool.

dodo91 (author)2009-02-20

"Discard (or chew)" I would rather chew, thanks. no need to be wasteful.

mashedpotato13 (author)dodo912009-03-16


chardster (author)2008-07-13

Why cant you just glue all of the half-pieces to the back of the box to make more space?

The Mollusk (author)chardster2008-07-14

Go for it. I didn't do it because it would be harder to get to my stash, but post some pics, let me know how it goes for you.

The Mollusk (author)2008-06-23

Lol, just a side note. Look at the related bar on the bottom: Secret Jeans Stash, Secret Dresser Stash, Secret Box Stash, Elf ears in 5 minutes?

Cartuner55 (author)The Mollusk2008-07-01

dont forget secret hoodie stash

The Mollusk (author)Cartuner552008-07-03

I made hoodie stash after that comment

Skellington (author)2008-06-24

Is that 5 Gum? xD I love those boxes.. and the wrappers are so colorful.

The Mollusk (author)Skellington2008-06-24

Lol yep it says so in materials. I wish they had a few more flavors...

Skellington (author)The Mollusk2008-06-25

Yep. Well, cool instructable anyways! I have the wrappers and box left over.. I think I'll make one.

zombieexecutioner (author)2008-06-22

haha, this is awesome mann

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