Step 7: Finishing the box

Picture of Finishing the box
A belt sander greatly helps during this step!
  1. Make sure that the glue has dried completely.
  2. Sand the outside of the box until the layers are smooth
  3. Sand the top of the box with >120 grit to make it nice and smooth
  4. I also beveled the edges of the top and bottom
  5. Smooth hard-to-reach places with sand paper, a spindle sander, or rotary tool
  6. Sand the box one last time with >180 grit sandpaper
  7. Apply a coat of stain and varnish to the box
  8. Superglue the ring cushion into place
  9. Viola!  Now you have a very nice and unique ring box!  Insert ring...
I'd love to see your version of the ring box, so please post pictures!  Also, if you liked this Instructable, please remember to vote for it in the Valentine's Day Contest! 
I'm going to have to make this! great project, my girlfrind will love it!
gproulx3 years ago
Great project!
bobbieiler3 years ago
Fabulous job!!!!!!