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Introduction: Secret Hideout

Renting a safety deposit box at a bank is a great way to securely store valuable personal items, but unfortunately, it can also be extremely expensive. Renting can cost you hundreds of dollars per year. In this tutorial, you will learn how to easily, safely, and economically store items around your home.

Step 1: Meat Hideout

Step 1 Gather Your Materials

Slice of Pork Loin


Ziploc bag

Prized possessions


Step 2 Getting the Meat Ready

Using a small knife, make a small incision along the widest side of the meat and make sure not to cut through to the other side. With the knife still in the meat move the knife in small swings (like a pendulum) making sure to keep the initial incision small.

Step 3 Insert the Bag

Put the handle end of the spatula into the Ziploc bag until it's at the bottom of the bag. With the spatula in the bag, use the spatula to push the bottom of the bag into the cut you previously made in the meat. Take the spatula out and move it around to continue pushing in the rest of the bottom of the bag into the meat. Continue until only the top unsealed opening of the bag is visible outside of the meat.

Step 4 Prepare the Belongings

Start to put your belongings into the Ziploc bag one at a time until either the bag is full, or you are done putting the belongings you chose to hide. After you are done placing your belongings in the Ziploc bag, make sure to seal the bag and then push the sealed end of the bag into the meat, either with your fingers or using the spatula again, so it's not exposed.

Step 5 Freeze the Meat

Take the whole meat and place it into a Ziploc freezer bag and place it in the freezer as you normally would. Now your belongings are secured in their own meat covered fortress of solitude.

Step 2: Peanut Butter Hideout

Hide small personal belongings with this simple hiding tutorial.

Step 1

Gather the following materials:

Full Peanut Butter Jar


2 Ziploc Bags


Personal Belongings

Step 2

Place your personal belongings in a Ziploc bag and remove as much air as possible before sealing the bag.

Step 3

Scoop out 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter and place them inside a Ziploc bag.

Step 4

Place your sealed belongings inside the peanut butter jar.

Step 5

Heat up the 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter (Step 3) in the microwave for 10-13 seconds depending on the microwave you have at home. Ensure that the peanut butter is heated until it has a runny consistency.

Step 6

Remove the bag from the microwave and cut off a corner of the bag.

Step 7

Pour the melted peanut butter back in the jar. Completely cover the bag of personal belongings inside of the jar.

Step 8

Cover the jar with it's lid and carefully hit the jar against a table or floor in order to remove air bubbles.

Step 9

In order to remove your personal belongings from the jar, simply scoop out 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter and remove the bag from the jar. Remove your belongings from the Ziploc bag.

Step 3: Sliced Bread Hideout

Need to hide some belongings over the weekend for your mini vacation? This tutorial will teach you how to store your prized possessions in a safe location using a loaf of bread.

Step 1

Gather Materials

You will need the following:

Sliced Bread (Full Pack)

Ziploc Bag


Prized Possessions

Step 2

Keeping the bread in the order they are originally placed in the bag, removed all the slices except the last two.

Step 3

Place your prized possessions inside of a Ziploc bag and squeeze out as much air as possible before sealing the bag and folding the bag over.

Step 4

Arrange three slices of bread in a flat surface. Then, use your scissors to make an incision in the center of the three slices of bread.

Step 5

Continue to align 3 slices directly above the already cut slices and make another incision on the 3 slices of bread.

Step 6

Place your prized possessions carefully into the center of the already precut slices of bread.

Step 7

Place the slices of bread bag into its package. Carefully align the bread and continueto hide belongings like credit cards in the center of the breads.

Step 8

Cover the pre-cut slices with the remaining full slices. Seal the bag with the bread clip.

Step 9

Store your loaf of bread in it's usual spot in the pantry.

Step 4: Ugliest Shoe Hideout

Need a safe location where to hide money you'll need in a few days, but don't have time to take it to the bank? Take these steps to ensure a safe but accessible location for your money or other valuable items.

Step 1

Gather your materials.

You will need the following:

Ugly pair of shoes

Pair of insoles

Money or small item that needs to be hidden.

Step 2

Find your ugliest shoes.

Step 3

Carefully arrange money or personal belongings inside of each shoe.

Step 4

Then, carefully place the insole back into your shoe without moving any of the items already placed inside of your shoe.

Step 5: Ice Cream Hideout

During a burglary, thieves will not stop and make themselves at home. They will try to be in and out of your house. When planning a getaway trip, placing your belongings in an ice cream container will offer you peace of mind. After all, no thief will stop and make themselves an ice cream sundae.

Step 1

Gather Your Belongings

You will need the following items:

Ziploc Freezer Bag

Personal Belongings

5 Quart Container Of Your Favorite Ice Cream

Ice Cream Scooper

Step 2

Place Belongings In A Ziploc Bag

Place your personal possessions in a Ziploc bag in order to avoid getting your items dirty.

Step 3

Scoop Out Ice Cream And Hide Your Belongins

Scoop out enough ice cream to place your personal belongings inside of the ice cream container. Ensure to place the scooped ice cream in a bowl and set aside. You will need to place some of the ice cream back into the container to cover your personal items.

Step 4

Cover Your Personal Belongings

Using the ice cream from the bowl you set aside, cover your personal belongings inside of the ice cream container.

Step 5

Store Your Belongings

Place the ice cream container back in the freezer. Your personal belongings are safe and sound.

Step 6: Jalapeño Container Hideout

Step 1 Gather Your Belongings

You will need the following supplies:

Pick A Deli Tupperware Container

Ziploc Bag


Personal Items

Step 2 Seal Your Personal Belongings

Place your personal belongings in a Ziploc bag and carefully seal the bag (remove as much as .

Step 3 Storing Your Personal Belongings

Place your personal belongings into the Tupperware container and place the strainer over your personal belongings.

Step 4 Add Jalapeños

Pour the contents of a jalapeño can into the Tupperware container as shown on the pictures.

Step 5 Place In The Refrigerator

Place the Tupperware container in the refrigerator. Your personal belongings will remain undetected.

Step 7: Bed Knob Hideout

Do you have a very expensive ring that you're too afraid to wear to certain locations? Perhaps you're trying to hide a wedding ring in a safe location. No need to take a trip to the bank for your safety deposit box. You have a hidden compartment at home. Using a bed knob, you can hide some of your small and expensive possessions.

Step 1

Remove Knob

Remove the knob from one of the bed corners.

Step 2

Storing Your Items

Place your ring inside the bed's frame.

Step 3

Replace The Knob

Replace the knob by carefully twisting it slowly. Stop twisting as soon as you feel the knob touch your ring.

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    I love it! It's safe, sanitary, easy to do. And, No one would steal frozen meat unless they were really hungry! Excellent Instructable, photo's etc. Thanks for sharing :-)

    3 replies

    I was just thinking with the meat and ice cream. What if someone decides to steal your fridge. Filled. For whatever reason. :)

    In that case, I hope that the burglar isn't hungry at all or simply doesn't need a new refrigerator.

    Thanks BoHoChick! I hope you like my other Instructables as well.

    Ummm, using the meat or the bread for a hide out is not going to work for long time usage. The meat will get slimy, moldy and stinky as it rots. The bread will get moldy soon too. No thank you.

    4 replies

    The frozen meat idea is good for about 6 months if you ever want to use the meat and longer if you don't but the worst that can happen to it in a freezer is freezer burn. In that case, just get as much air out of the bag as possible. Otherwise these are good ideas.

    As you said B&E guys want to be in&out as fast as possible and wont take the time to look at any innovative places.

    Thank you BasinStreetDesign, I was going for unusual and creative locations. I hope I got that idea across. Thank you for your suggestion on taking out as much air of the Ziploc bag as possible.

    Yes, the important part is thinking about unconventional hiding places. Most burglars know and check all the 'regular' hiding places. I love this instructable because it stretched my concept of hiding place.

    Thank you for taking the time to look and comment on my instructable Zaacharia.

    Can I fit my Mercedes into the peanut butter jar method?

    I'd maybe recommend using an undesirable cut of meat (maybe liver; everybody hates liver) because I've heard tell of thieves stealing steaks out of a freezer when they clean out somebody's house.

    1 reply

    Thanks for the recommendation steveofthenw

    My best hiding place is in a tampon or sanitary napkin pad box. There is not a man on earth that will even touch that box, much less open it to look inside. I live with 5 males and they won't even carry the grocery bag from the car to the house if it has "ladies things" in the bag.

    1 reply

    What an oversensitivity :D

    The idea is great though, unless, a woman burglar!