Secret Jeans Stash





Introduction: Secret Jeans Stash

Yet another nearly impossible to notice stash. Portable stash inside your pants (similar to hidden pockets)

Step 1: Make the Cut

Use your knife to make a cut.

Now your ready to stash stuff! I stashed my Lighter Stash

Step 2: Optional Step: Glue Edges

Use the hot glue gun to seal the edges, this will prevent fraying.



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    Awesome, i love stashes, did you know there are over 17 stashes in my room hiding everything from cash to incendiary devices. I see your collection of stash instructables but have you tried the wall technique yet, i find it to be very effective and it can be as large as you want (within reason).

    "did you know there are over 17 stashes in my room hiding everything from cash to incendiary devices" well now we do and so does everyone else! isn't the idea of a stash to keep it secret.

    AAGH! I have a good idea what 'the wall technique' is, but would you beleive there aren't ANY 'IBLES on it?! I just need to know HOW.....

    Lol ya I was thinking of doing that, but the only problem is hiding the seems, unless you used the entire wall...

    Actually "fray check" would work better and not leave such a thick line.

    Not everyone has a use for some super specialized product, but most anyone can use a glue gun more than once.

    A big question is why do you need to hide a lighter? And if you do, maybe you shouldn't be allowed to possess a lighter.

    My friends steal each others lighters ALL THE TIME. i have to hear about it anytime I borrow a lighter to light a birthday candle or something. " Make sure to put the lighter BACK IN MY HANDS." "Hey, is that MY orange lighter? " "No, You stole MY orange Lighter last week" "Where's my flashy purple swirl lighter?" "Dude I gave it back last week!"
    Plus some lighters suck, and others are high quality. You loan out the sucky one and keep the easy spin Non-child-safety-lock ligheter in your stash for smoke breaks.

    id have to hide it cuz i cant have lighters or ciggarettes at skul

    Nice easy instructable but why would you want to stash a lighter?