Step 4: Prepare The Case

Picture of Prepare The Case
If you're making your own case you can skip this step. Otherwise grab your PVC and saw and lets get cracking.

We're just testing for fit here.  Don't glue or fasten anything yet!

#1: The Button mount
Take one of the PVC end caps and drill a hole through the center appropriate for your push button. For my button that was 3/8". Secure the button in the hole.

Plug this into one of the 4 radial holes in the 5-way connector.  (ie: not the one that points down.)

#2: The Motor mount
Take the other PVC end cap and drill a hole big enough for the shaft of your motor to pass through.  You might also need to make it even bigger if your motor has a bearing that sticks out.

Depending on the design of your motor you may want to sand down the thickness of the plug so that you have more of the motor shaft to work with.  Test the fit by placing the motor through the back of the plug.  If it's too tight you might have to sand/file/grind the inside of the plug so it will fit. 

Use a paper template to place the holes for the fastening screws, drill the holes and attach the motor to the plug. (In my case using the two 2M screws.)  Countersink the screws if possible.

Plug this into the "down" facing hole on the 5-way connector.

#3: The 'arms'
Cut one piece of PVC pipe 5 inches long.  We're going to call this the "long arm".  Put a right angle connector on one end.  Plug the other end into the 5-way connector opposite the button.

Cut two pieces of PVC pipe two inches long.  We'll call these the "short arms".  Half way along their length drill a 1/4" hole through one side.  Put right angle connectors on one end of each arm.  Plug these into the two remaining holes on the 5-way connector.  You should really start to see it take shape.

#3b: A Few Extra Holes

with a pencil or marker draw a line down the center of the top and the bottom of the long arm.  On the top side, make marks for two holes, one 3/4" from the 5-way, and another 1 1/2" from the 5-way.  Drill a 3/16 (5mm) hole at each of these places.  This is where our LEDs are going.

Also make a line along the bottom where the long arm connects to the 5-way.  Using a saw, cut a short way through the pipe, from the bottom up, until there is about a 1/2" hole into the pipe. (this is where the spring for our detector will attach.  Also on the bottom, drill a 1/8" hole 1/4" further along the pipe (Away from the 5-way).   We will thread the sensor's wires through here.

#4: The 'legs'
These are the parts that attach to the door.  You may not want to cut these yet,  The length depends on the design of your door lock, the length of the shaft on your motor and the final design of the Lock Turning Clamp in the next step.  All three of mine were 2 5/16" long, but you're better off cutting them long and trimming them down to size later

If they're too long the motor won't reach the lock to turn it.  If they're too short the suction cups won't reach the door.

When you do cut these, hot glue the suction cups in one end and stick the other ends in the right angle connectors on the ends of our legs.