Introduction: Secret Language

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Learn how to speak "Ofyu"

Step 1: What Ofyu Is

Ofyu is my own language that I use sometimes,You can use it to talk to friends in secret,saying mean things,declaring love,etc...

Step 2: How to Speak It

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Basicly you just male the letters the next up just like the numbers too

Step 3: Let's See

What am I saying:

Ij,J'n uif nblfs pg uijt mbohvbhf

Step 4: Thanks

Thanks for the view

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RomanM61 (author)2017-05-07

Nice "language". One question: dot = comma?

Granzeier (author)2015-06-24

Nice, simple introduction to the art of cryptography (secret writing.)

For anyone wanting to know more, you can search for cryptography, and will come up with a ton of information. This can be as simple as this nice, easy substitution code, that Jesse shows, all the way up to stuff that requires a doctorate in mathematics.

Thanks, again, for posting this intro.

jesse098 (author)Granzeier2015-06-27

I'm doing a lot of research on cryptography is just my interest

Granzeier (author)jesse0982015-06-28

Excellent - and I see that you have created another 'Ible on this subject.

Research is one of the best ways to learn new things. The other is practice. Study everything that you can about this, and then practice making up new codes. Share the new codes with a friend, and practice writing messages (enciphering) and reading (deciphering) them.

If you know computer programming, many of these codes can be programmed pretty easily. If you don't, try to find a tutorial on some really simple language, like BASIC, and try your hand at computer cryptography.

jesse098 (author)Granzeier2015-06-28

thank you

jesse098 (author)Granzeier2015-06-24

Thanks for that awesome comment

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