My 7th graders love to make things and we just got a 3D printer, so I came up with this light project. It's a small box with a design cut out from the inside, almost all the way through. When you shine a light from inside you see the design. When you turn it off, it's hidden! Cool!

Step 1: What You Need

Here is the list of materials:
Of course first you will need a 3D printed box. I will not explain that in this Instructable, but I can say we used Tinkercad and made boxes about 40mm x 40mm x 30mm high, with 2mm sides, a 5mm bottom, and the shapes in the bottom cut down to make those areas 1mm thick. That lets a good strong light through nicely, while hiding it with no light.

To make the light switch:
2 pc. of cardboard, one 4" x 2", the other 2" x 2"
A 3v coin cell battery
A bright white LED
One red and one black wire, about 2" long
A Ping pong ball
Assorted Legos
Tape, masking is fine
Hot glue

Tools you will need:
Wire cutters/strippers
Basic soldering stuff
<p>How long does it take your 7th graders to make one of these boxes?</p>

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