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Introduction: Secret Message in Audio

Did you ever want to send a secret to message to your friend?

Here is a fun way to do it. You can hide a secret text message in audio file, tape, CD or anywhere you can hear it.

When audio is played, it will not make any sense.

It will sound similar to Dial Up modem or similar to sound when trying to load a game into "ZX-Spectrum" computer.

Message can be hidden in:

  • Any digital file (mp3, wav, wma, avi, mp4 etc.)
  • Youtube, vimeo etc.
  • Cassette, CD, vinyl etc.
  • It can be transferred via radio, walky talky etc.
  • Basicly as long as you can hear it and record it, you can decode it.

What do we need?

  • Some kind of image editor, like "Paint" or "Photoshop"
  • A free program called "Coagula"
  • A free program called "Audacity"

Step 1:

  • Create a new file in your chosen picture editor.
  • Set the pictures size to something like: 500x300 Pixels

Does not have to be exactly that size, that's what I used in this example

  • Set background to black
  • Write your secret message at the TOP of the picture

It's important to write it at the top, otherwise result might not be great.
It's better to use big and easy readable fonts.

  • Save your picture as a "bmp" file.

Step 2:

  • Import your "bmp" file into "Coagula"
  • Click on a button that looks like a cogwheel.

That will render your image to "wav" file

  • Save your "wav" file

That's it. You have successfully hidden the message in audio file.

Now you can upload it to Youtube, send it via e-mail or record it to audio cassette.

Or you can just play it loudly, so your neighbour or a friend can record it with mobile phone or a audio recorder.

Best result will be achieved using a digital file.

Step 3:

To decode the message, you will need to use "Audacity"

  • Import your audio file into "Audacity"
  • Click on a little arrow next to the files name and choose "Spectogram"

Now you should see your message.

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I cant seem to get it to work... I have my message and then I followed your steps exactly but cant seem to get it. Any ideas?

At what point did you fail?

What exactly did not work?

t was the end when you viewed the WAV as a spectrogram. Mine was red blobs. Since I know what I wrote I can kinda make it out but it looks nothing like yours

Try to stretch the waveform.

(Last picture, where it says instructables)

Click on the border and try to stretch it or click on the side and try to scroll.

I got it. Turns out the white on black does not work. If you change the font to red then it will work.

That's great!

Thanks for letting us know.

Cool. Reminds me of the old Aphex Twin track ( He probably didn't have something as convenient as Coagula, though :)

That's what I was thinking. I was so impressed with Richard D. James doing this.

Whoa! Very cool! =D