This innocent looking stuffed monster toy is actually a secret treasure chest. This project is fairly simple if you know how to sew, and does not require a lot of material. Wall safes behind pictures, hollow books, steel filing cabinets; why not a stuffed animal?

Step 1: You Will Need...

To begin you need some fabric. Any type you have will work. I just used some scrap fabric left over from another project. You will also need a small amount of a contrasting color (for the heart, this is very important because the heart is the lid of the hidden box.)

There are many possibilities for the face. I chose to use some embroidery floss and buttons, but fabric paint, or just a permanent marker will also work fine.

And finally, the box. A can that formerly held tuna fish is a good size, but once again there are endless possibilities. You will also need a small amount of Velcro to close the secret compartment.

this is so cute!! i am deffinitely going to have a go at this!! :)
This is clever. Good Job!

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