A decorative outlet cover plate that also serves as a phone charging cradle.

Step 1: Materials

  1. Wood, 3/16"-1/4" (5-6mm). Phones keep getting bigger, so I used a 5-1/2" (14cm) wide board.
  2. Access to Laser Cutter
  3. Drill and Drill Bits
  4. Sandpaper, Various Grits
  5. Dowels - I used round wooden toothpicks
  6. Supplies: Knife, Marker, Ruler, Tape
  7. Optional: Access to Drill Press; Wood Finish (Stain, Clear Coat, etc.)
I wouldn't think you need to mount it over the existing plate. They make outlet and switch plates out of wood, so I doubt it would be a fire hazard. Clever idea and nice execution.
Thanks. The wooden ones I've seen have a sheet metal backing (code requirement?). Also, when flipped open, the outlet box would be partially exposed, so this version MUST be mounted over an existing cover.
Fair enough. Great job.
very neat solution

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