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Introduction: Secret Pocket in the Tie

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When I was a kid, more than once a got robbed by older boys. They stopped me and searched my pockets to see if I have any money they could "borrow".

Unfortunately, I did not wear a tie like some school boys do in UK.

Tie would have been a good place to hide my pocket money.

In this Instructable, I made a secret pocket in a tie.

You can keep money in it or even a bag of booze sneak into an event.

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Step 1:

I opened the seams and sewed a zip on the back of the tie.

I used a blue zip as my tie was blue.

Step 2:

You can use the tie to keep money or even a bag of booze.

I used a bag from an ice candy together with a straw.

If you need a bigger bag, you can make your own with a heat sealer.

When you feel "thirsty", just pull out the straw and have a sip.



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    When I was a kid, one of my TV heroes was Bart Maverick. He used to keep a thousand dollar bill pinned inside his jacket for emergencies. This would have been a perfect way to keep it safe. Of course, these days, he would hide a prepaid visa card.

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    Yes, visa is better in case you go for the swim with the jacket on :)

    Pretty sure every country in the world uses currency that can handle getting wet. Even the dry countries, like Saudi Arabia, have money that can easily survive getting wet.

    If it's u.s currency,. getting it wet is no big deal at all. u.s. currency is made from cotton and linen and will not fall apart in water.

    (Claps) THANK YOU CODE03!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Maybe not for keeping booze, but money sounds good, especially with civil forfeiture laws out there. Also maybe a handcuff key?

    1 reply

    Not easily accessible in your tie, when your hands are cuffed behind your back. But THIS!...


    Can you make a 3 minute video of you saying "ouu yeah" for me ;)

    1 reply


    I already have some people who say it's annoying when I say it, I don't want to annoy them even more :)