This recipe was once a closely guarded secret.  The story goes that someone's great aunt made the very best cream cheese cookies and fiercely guarded her recipe.  She sweet talked her great aunt into giving her a copy but could never duplicate them just the same way her aunt had made.  One day after her great aunt passed away a family member was to go through her things and happened upon her recipe box, where she found the original recipe for the cookies, and written on the recipe was "Secret Cream Cheese Cookies" and on the back was written, "DO NOT GIVE OUT UNTIL I AM DEAD".  Luckily for me and you, this wonderful person shared the recipe here.

I made some alterations to this recipe, as well as added in some techniques, so hopefully you too can duplicate this recipe, to the enjoyment of your family and friends.  I hear this makes a good spritz cookie base as well.  It is also the base dough for my Double Cookie Cookie Monster Cookies Instructable

I chose this recipe because every time I bring this cookie somewhere I see several people eating the cookies, then eating more, telling others, or even grabbing extras to bring to their spouses to try, and then of course the questions come "Who made these?  Where can I get the recipe?"

Seriously...I had the wife of the deputy CIO of the company I work at trying to track down this recipe from me...it is that good.

My advice is to do yourself a favor and print at least 3 copies of the recipe to bring with you every time you bring these cookies somewhere.  That or just tell them to search for this instructable.

And with that, I give you, Secret Recipe Cream Cheese cookies...the secret is out!

Step 1: The Recipe

If you are an established cook, this is probably all of the information you will need.  But fear not, I will also provide step by step instructions with pictures later on.

Secret Cream Cheese Cookies
This recipe will make approximatel 70 cookies.  If you do not have a stand mixer, you should halve both the dough and the frosting recipe.  the original recipe was for half this quantity, but trust me, once you bring these somewhere, they will not last and you will want to keep some for yourself.

2 cups butter
6 oz cream cheese
2 cups sugar
2 egg yolks
5 cups flour
2 Tbsp. vanilla

Cream butter and cream cheese . Slowly add sugar beat until fluffy
Beat in egg yolk, add flour and vanilla. Mix Well. Chill dough
For at least 1 hour. Shape into 1 inch balls. Place on greased cookie sheet, or cookie sheet lined with a silpat.  If your hands were warm or you let the dough sit at all at room temp, refridgerate again up to overnight.
Bake at 325 degrees for 15-18 mins. The cookies will not brown but should not have any tranclucent shiny parts when they are done.

2 cups powdered sugar
4 tablespoons lime juice
4 tablespoons of butter

Cream butter and add sugar slowly add lime juice.  Scoop frosting into a plastic ziplock sandwich bag, snip off the tip.  Use the baggie to pipe lines of frosting on the cookies while still warm (let cookies sit about 10 minutes after being removed from oven on the pan to cool, then move them to the plate you wish to frost them on).

<p>I made this recipe exactly, but found I could not taste the cream cheese at all -- only the vanilla. A tasty cookie still. But I wanted to taste the cream cheese, so I used two 8 oz. packages of cream cheese and they were SO much better!</p>
<p>hello....would these work if i rolled out and used a cookie cutter? Or would that ruin the texture?</p>
<p>Yes, you can being there are no leavening ingredients - I make these as cutouts every year, linzer cookie style. They are delicious!</p>
<p>Actually, you probably could! This dough recipe is really similar to Pillsbury's Cream Cheese Sugar Cookie recipe (http://www.pillsbury.com/recipes/cream-cheese-sugar-cookies/d3f8d944-ca82-4e6e-a1f9-89dd8fb1f421), which is a dough that you roll out. My family has been making these for years. </p>
No, I don't recommend trying to use this for cut out cookies. To make cut out cookies you need to use very specific recipes or you'll get blobs. I recommend this recipe for nice sharp and delicious cut out cookies<br><br>http://www.crookedtiara.com/2010/03/scottish-shortbread.html
can they be made as cookie cups?
I don't think so but you could always try it.
I'm stupid I made it with egg whites ? Not egg yolks but I'm leaving it and see how they turn out ?
My family loved them. I used parchment paper and put two trays in and they were little balls once done. Greased the cool sheet and cooked one tray at a time, PERFECT! I also made a second icing with almond flavoring.
They look awesome, I hope you enjoyed them! The almond icing sounds good too!
Hey, you can really mix it up and get interesting and add almond extract instead of vanilla and make almond cookies. :-) of course just make regular icing then...or add almond extract to the icing too.
<p>Do you really mean 2 tablespoons of vanilla? It seems a lot though I know it makes a lot of cookies.</p>
Yes, every time I make this recipe I use this one I've put online and it works every time :)
<p>The lime icing is DElicious. Sadly, I made these before I received your reply and only used 1 T. of vanilla - you're right 2 would make the cookies even better.</p>
<p>I'm so glad you enjoyed them!</p>
Why is the no baking soda or baking powder in this recipe?
It's not required. This is a denser cookie. Baking powder would make it rise more, I don't recommend it.
Do you happen to have the original recipe before your adjustments? I'll have to go find this &quot;next&quot; button you speak about unless you're talking about finding your adjusted recipe when we click the next button...
The original recipe is in the next step. Just click the next button.
<p>Oh! Thanks! Then where is your adjusted recipe that you used? I'm hoping you'll share that info too! ;)</p>
<p>I tried to click the link but it's not working for me. From the comments below, it looks delicious to make and fun too! could you post another link for me?</p><p>:)</p>
<p>If you clicked on the link with the orange word &quot;hear&quot; it doesn't work - tried a few times myself but if you click on the &quot;Double Cookie Cookie Monster Cookies Instrucables&quot; it will give you the basic recipe. Just not sure if it's the original or the altered version the author made.</p>
Thanks, the recipe is also on the 2nd page of this instructable, just click next off of the main page. It's too bad the original location of the recipe was taken offline.
I believe the place where I originally found the recipe was taken offline but if you click &quot;next&quot; the Recipe is on the 2nd page of this instructable.
<p>I made these cookies for my mother in law's Easter basket. I made them egg shaped and dipped the bottoms in Graham cracker crumbs (cheesecake!) I added lemon zest and chopped dried cherries, and drizzled with chocolate ganache. Awesome!</p>
<p>Wow that sounds amazing! I am getting hungry now :) Great job!</p>
I don't have any limes handy, but do you think this would work fine with lemon juice instead?
Absolutely, you can also use other flavorings in extract form.
Sound delicious.....can you freeze the dough or the baked cookie before frosting?
Part of having the frosting work well is to frost a warm cookie, but they do keep well in the freezer after frosting them.
Those cookies look so good I could eat them right off the screen! I'll definitely be making these over the weekend!
Cool! Post pictures if you end up making some!
I don't particularly like making cookies...but having just finished a tin of these (a Christmas gift - store bought), I might just have to make some! Thanks for sharing the &quot;Secret Recipe&quot;!
It is well worth the trouble of making them :) <br>Enjoy!

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