Secret Marker Compartment.





Introduction: Secret Marker Compartment.

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Learn to hide your valuable secret stuff safely in a pocket-sized tiny compartment that nobody can find but you. Bring it around school/work and it will look exactly like a regular, honest, innocent marker;. But when opened from the bottom, you will learn this is no ordinary marker. If you like it, please rate it. Store money, or anything you would like! Very easy to make!

Step 1: Tools and Time.




About 1 minute.

Step 2: Picking the Right Marker

I suggest using just a regular Crayola, thick marker because they are the easiest to open. I don't know about other brands but Crayola is pretty popular and you probably have one lying around your house.

Step 3: Detaching the Bottom of the Marker.

Pick up your marker, clench the bottom cap with your molars, and pull away. The bottom part should just pop off.

Step 4: Cleaning the Inside.

When you peer into the marker, you will notice a tube of ink. Save it for the next step. To remove the tube, take your pencil, stab the tube, and pull it out. Feel free to wash the inside but it doesn't really matter.

Step 5: Congraulations!

You now have an empty marker! Feel free to store money and other contraband safely and securely.

Step 6: Utilizing the Ink Tube.

Now you can have some fun with this. Squeeze it over a sink filled with water, a toilet, or milk and watch the ink as it drops and flows in the water. Cool isn't it?



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When I was younger, a friend and I would hide our cigarettes in markers exactly like that, so when our stuff got searched by parents they would not find it.

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Nice idea if the owner is not anywhere near being teen aged.
Nowadays posession of markers is probable cause to suspect a tagger, or something more serious than cigarettes. But this could work for an office work station fairly well, until it gets swiped. (What would need to be hidden in an office though?)

"tagger, or something more serious than cigarettes" lol smoking is more serious than tagging, at least in my book, and i do both! besides, you can hardly tag with a crayola...

"smoking is more serious than tagging, at least in my book, and i do both"

No comment.

i just mean if you were to be unwilling to accept the risks inherent in BOTH activities, but rather only capable of stomaching the risk of one OR the other, tagging would quite obviously be the better way to go...

Smoking would be the more ethical choice as it is more a crime against oneself whereas tagging is a crime against another.

but who does tagging really hurt? the hurt is all imagined...
who cares if the crushing mundanity of a nondescript wall is broken up? people who like to care too much.
who cares if the crushing mundanity of all those healthy alveoli is broken in one of their brothers in the human race? people who like to care about other people...
this is all i meant

Who are you to decide if painting someone else's property against their will is "ok" or not. Is it your wall? Unless you are objecting to the very idea of private property in which case this conversation is pointless. And personally, I find the constant reminders of gangs and violence much more "crushing" than "mundanity". What is so important about tagging that a "street artist" can't do it on their own paper? Or with the permission of the owner? Why the necessity to violate another's rights for it to be authentic? I'm going to bow out of this thread on the premise that you haven't really thought this stuff through enough to have an opinion that would contribute to my understanding any further. I will part saying that lack of respect for other's property, whether that property is another's life, or just another's wall, is the root of all evil in this world. Respect starts with not crossing certain boundaries. And if there is no respect, we are mere beasts.

i'm not saying tag people's houses or fences, and tagging isn't always gang related. most people who i kick around with tag public property (bridges, etc) more or less out of the common eye (because seriously who wants to have a cop roll up on them?! besides, when someone does find it, it's more special for them) and we always tag uplifting or positive messages, or just plain artwork. Turning a plain facade into something more without destroying or damaging anything is simply not something that I can see as negative. If you want to live in a dull gray, manufactured, uniform world, then i guess that's your business, but you will probably want to avoid exploring the interesting parts of your locality, or, who knows, you might see something unique, something with personality.

my favorite thing so far? your teeth are part of the tools! :D

hehehe. no thanks. i get more markers/pens stolen than cash.

sooo, SWIRLEY!! haa.

Try cutting off a piece of the ink cartridge only so that it wouldn't get suspiciously dead. A functioning marker where you can also stash things (spybug!!!).

 wow nice the third pic looks like a eyeball!

Excellent I-ble, but be cautious if storing anything valuable. Someone could possibly try to use your marker safe as a marker only. While using, the ink supply could suddenly end due to the fact that you removed the reservoir, and the person could possibly throw out your "stash", just thinking it is a "dead" marker.