Secret Safe Thingy





Introduction: Secret Safe Thingy

It's a really simple secret safe thing that only works for cash but hides discreetly and actually works and can be made again really easily

Step 1: Materials

You Need:
A tissue box
A pair of Scissors
Mauly Clip (Binder Clip)

Step 2: Step 1

Flip the box upside down and cut a hole in the upper left portion of the box and leave a part at least part of the size of the cash (see picture below)

Step 3: Step 2

Fold up money in half and put it all in the Mauly
Put it into the hole in box and put it in the corner so it wont fall out (picture)

Step 4: Final Step

Flip it over the weight of the tissues will hold the money in
If you run out of tissues just cut another hole in a different one

OMG to the people who were in the forums I'm so sorry I had a mad load of tests
Btw to compensate for myself being late I'm making another instructable that replaces
Belkin's Cushtop for a 2 dollars of less



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Yeah then they find it at keep it all to themselves

I'm with Joey2542667. OMG! i could just see someone throwing that box of money away. Or, giving it to someone saying, "No, that's ok, keep the box; we've got more." Sounds too risky for me.

As long as whatever you hide has no weight that tissue box should work if you live alone. You wouldn't want a family member borrowing your tissues.
One method that seems to trick most crooks is to take a bedroom door off of its hinges and drill a hole in the bottom of the door. Insert your stash and then plug the hole with the right sized,round ,wood plug. This is for longer term security as it does make retrieval a bit slow.
Another trick is to install a phony pipe. Some closets have exposed vent pipes and a phony pipe that enters the ceiling and has a cit out in the floors surface is very convincing. It should be plastic and not copper as crooks do take copper at times.

very cool! but you might want to try making the hole a little smaller, so the money has less of a chance of falling out.


what if the tissue boc ran out of tissue?

when it gets low take out the money....i mean why rig a box that you can't monitor?

What if the crook has the sniffles? He will make away with the cash and you will be out of a few tissues.

LOL if you make it and pull out a tissue it will stay there unless he/she lifts up the box and notices a hole =]

Well what if he's really sick. And you come home there he is with five empty tissue boxes sitting on your couch watching the game show network asking you to make him some chicken noddle soup.