Picture of Secret Shoe Compartment
Create a Unnoticeable secret Compartment in your shoe using only a Knife And Magnets!
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Step 1: Supplies

  1. Shoes
  2. Knife
  3. Magnet
  4. (optional) Dremel

Step 2: Cut Along Line

Picture of Cut Along Line
If you look at your shoe, You will notice a line or depression going through the sole of your shoe. Using your knife Cut along the line

Step 3: Hollow Out The Cut

Picture of Hollow Out The Cut
Using Your knife or a dremmel, hollow out the compartment just below the sole of the shoe

Step 4: Insert magnets

Cutting out a small hole, insert magnets on both sides so the shoe will appear to be uncut

Step 5: Hide stuff

Picture of Hide stuff
Hide whatever you want into your secret shoe. It is unnoticeable.
mwumichael1 year ago

Is there another way instead of magnets, because I see that you put a watch in there and you don't want a watch near a magnet at any time.

This would be great for shoes we never wear but refuse to get rid of! Ive outgrown 2 pair and will try this with them! Thanks.
Constructed (author)  rhenderson121 year ago

Thank you, Please Vote

I imagine you need to be careful that the compartment does not open when running, depending on how strong the magnets actually are. But the idea is great, and nobody would look at it twice, especially if you used it with old shoes gathering dust in your shoe rack. Thanks for sharing!

Constructed (author)  Dominic Bender1 year ago

Thank you