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This project only was made with only 3 parts. The end result in my humble opinion, turned out pretty damn good! I have been thinking about how to turn a bullet into a secret container and had a few ideas which I tried but didn't get the look I was after. After some frustration I went back to basics and looked around in my electronic bins to see what I could use. I found a push on/off switch and had one of those eureka moments.

The main tool you will need in this project is a mini blow torch as there is some soldering that will need to be done. Other then that, all other tools can be improvised.

So what do you keep in a bullet secret stash! Anything that fits... Actually there isn't a lot of room inside a 444 magnum shell so whatever you decide to add,, it will have to be small. I keep a rolled-up $5 note in mine, but you could easily keep a small memento, matches, small survival kit (not a bad idea actually) or whatever takes your fancy.

So without further ado - Here is my Secret Stash Bullet Shell

Step 1: Things to Gather

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1. 44 magnum bullet casing - Etsy

2. Switch - eBay

3. Small piece of copper wire (for the loop)

4. Dome nut (size M6 or 1/4 inch) - eBay


1. Small blow torch

2. Soldering iron

3. Flux

4. Various pliers

5. Drill

6. Safety glasses

7. Small files

Step 2: Female Flange Section

Picture of Female Flange Section

Yes I know that the title is a little provocative but that's what this is called (I think...)


1. Remove the washer and fastener from the switch

2. What you will be doing is soldering the washer to the fastener. Add a small amount of flux to the fastener and place on top of the washer

3. Heat up the washer/fastener with the mini blowtorch and add some solder

4. Done

Step 3: Soldering the Flange to the Bullet Case

Picture of Soldering the Flange to the Bullet Case


1. Place the flange so the washer sits on top of the bullet as shown below. Make sure you add a little flux to the top of the bullet

2. Next place on a hard metal surface with the washer on the bottom. Heat up and add some solder.

3. Done. Now you have added the female screw section to the bullet.

Step 4: Bullet Section - Part 1

Picture of Bullet Section - Part 1

Next you will need to modify the switch for it too be used as the male section for the bullet head.


1. With a pair of wire cutters, cut the top section of the switch. This will help make sure that the drill bit sits correctly when you start to drill the section out.

2. Place the switch in a vice and drill out the centre section. This comes out pretty easily.

Step 5: Bullet Section - Part 2

Picture of Bullet Section - Part 2

In order for the dome nut to sit flush on the bullet, you need too remove the flange on the screw section.


1. Remove the flange with a small cutting wheel or hack saw

2. File the section so it is flat and smooth

3. Add some flux to the filed section and add it to the dome nut.

4. Clamp it together, heat-up and add some solder.

5. Done

Step 6: Test

Picture of Test

So you should now be able to screw the dome nut into the bullet case. If you wanted to stop here you could just leave it as is. I decided to give it a polish and add a loop so I could add it to a key ring or necklace.

Step 7: Adding a Loop

Picture of Adding a Loop


1. Twist a piece of copper wire to make a loop and arm section.

2. Next add some flux and solder to the bottom of the bullet.

Step 8: Give It a Polish

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1. Use some metal polish and give the bullet a good going over.

2. I used a general metal polish and it worked a treat.



maricolley (author)2016-01-27

wow finally! this is great! ive been wanting to make a keychain/pendant like this forever! i made a necklace w 3 wire wrapped bullets and it was heavy as fak. if you have a threader it could screw on too! great job dude! got my vote!

muchas gracias!
Hey if you do get around to making one, i'd love to see a photo on how it turned out.

kassijussi (author)2015-12-29

Using correct words you are not using a bullet but an ammo case. Bullet is something you shoot from the case.

JohnL228 (author)kassijussi2016-01-05

It's not an ammo case, it's a cartridge or shell casing.

3366carlos (author)2016-01-01

if you file the edges of the hex nut, it will look more like a bullet.

Yep I did experiment using a larger nut and grinder to round the edges. It turned out ok but was harder to undo due to the smooth edges. Plus it discoloured due to all of the grinding and heat. If you took your time and used a stainless steel nut, then I'm sure you could get a great result.

3366carlos (author)2016-01-01

awesome, looks like a project of love, it would make a nice Christmas gift.

Bebo1021 (author)2015-12-31

And an ammo case is what you put ammunition in

ottawafm (author)2015-12-28

You should shorten the necklace loop. It'll help make the loop stronger.

lonesoulsurfer (author)ottawafm2015-12-29

Do you mean the arm which the loop is attached to? Usually when making the loop for something like this I just solder the loop direct to the object. As the shell was so small, I wanted to add an arm as well.

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