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Hey everyone, 
This is an instructable about how to create a secret stash compartment within a wall charger. Everybody has millions of phone chargers lying around the house so they make the perfect discrete hiding place for cash, sd cards, documents what ever you might need to hide!

Step 1: Open the Case

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The first step in this project really is selecting a charger that is suitable for re-purposing. I had one that was no longer working so I selected that one. It was also a quite good one as it was easy to split. 

Depending on the charger that is being used you may find it easier to cut the plastic using a saw or hot wire. Either way its up to you.

Step 2: Gutting the Charger

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This part should be fairly self-explanatory, simply remove any of the internal electronics of the charger.

Hopefully the bits should be quite easy to remove and you will have a nice big hollow space in which to hide all the stash! 

Step 3: Making It Safe

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Obviously this project has a certain element of danger involved as it will be being plugged into main power when we are done. Luckily most chargers are designed to minimise the possibility for electrocution and make the chargers quite safe. 

The two pins shown in the picture are connected to the mains plugs and thus they will be the dangerous parts of the build if they are left as they are. So they must be carefully removed. This part of the project is the most important as care must be taken to ensure that there is no route between the pin that goes into the wall socket and the person using the secret compartment. 

So I removed the connecting pins and covered the contacts with plastic tape to ensure that no one would be able to touch or make any contact with them. This ensures that the compartment is safe and no one is going to get electrocuted trying to get out the money!

Step 4: Reassembly

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This next step is about trying to get the charger back to a condition which wont look out of place. I was lucky and my charger clipped back together easily and only really needed one piece of card to keep it solid. 

On the next one I think I will use magnets to hold the two halves together. This is so that I can open and close the secret compartment more easily. 

Step 5: Final Product

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So now hopefully you can plug the charger back into the wall complete with hidden goodies and no one will ever be the wiser. You can hide your treasure map, gold coins or even keep a secure back up of your computer (on an sd card)

I hope you found this instructable useful and be safe :-)



TrusstMonkey (author)2016-11-23

might want to rethink using magnets mind you... metal in there could conduct.

StlBigRed70 (author)2016-06-18

Great idea!

napalmvisine (author)2014-04-19

im doin this 2nite. so usefull to me right now, lost my cel, ...theives lurking nearby... but i wanna put something inside to alert me if someone plugs it in. BlackCats? Alarm of some kind? maybe a sharp jolt? definatly pop a fuse (i may not be around!) homeing beacon would be nice, maybe a little overkill.

rhenderson12 (author)2014-01-26

Im always looking for places to hide things, from my son, especially! This is a great idea. (author)rhenderson122014-01-29

Thank you, I'm glad that you like it

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