Secret and Secure Earbuds (kinda, Sorta Anyway)





Introduction: Secret and Secure Earbuds (kinda, Sorta Anyway)

I have had trouble taking part in the mp3 player music revolution due to the earbuds that are popular now. My machine came with a pair of earbuds that loop around my neck. These would look really cool on someone younger and more stylish than myself. I always feel out of place wearing it. Also, my kids said flat out that I like an idiot when I struggle to untangle the cord. So I dug out a pair of the old headband style headphones. Fortunately, I took a glance in the mirror before stepping out to show of my ingenuity. These headphones were not going to lower the idiot-factor.

I then realized that I wear my sunglasses as a headband whenever I go out. I started noticing that other people still do this too. (Not just old folks like me.) So I came up with this super-easy hook up with wonderful results. They are easily hidden under my hair so I don't have to shout to the world that I'm not listening to them (so Rude!). Also, the sunglasses hold them in place very securely so I'm not caught fiddling with them and getting rolling eyeballs from my kids so often.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The materials and tools you will need:
Sunglasses - I got mine at the dollar store
Earbuds - mine came with my phone
Flexible drinking straws (2)
Black Electrical Tape
Cutting Blade - an Xacto knife or a box cutter will work

Step 2: Cut the Straws

Stretch out and bend the straws to match the curve of your sunglasses. Hold the straw salong the outside edges of your glasses. Put on the sunglasses and mark the straws at the point where they pass your ears. If needed, a piece of tape to temporarily hold the straw onto the glasses may be helpful. Or you can just guesstimate. Cut the end(s) of the straw off.

Next, slice the straws open lengthwise. If you straws have vertical lines on them it works nice as a guide.

Step 3: Earbud Wires

Press the earbud wires into the straws. The straw should easily slide along the length of the wire.

Step 4: Attach Straws to Sunglasses

Cut about 10cm of electrical tape. Use this to first secure the correct placement of the straw to the sunglasses. Next wrap more tape around the straw and the sunglasses so that the straw is affixed securely and the straw is hidden underneath. Be careful not to tap the actual earbud wire or to wrap the tape too tightly in this process. You want the earbuds to be able to slide back and forth.

Step 5: Enjoy!

These can either be worn as sunglasses so that you can listen while laying out by the pool. Or, you can pull out the wires a short bit and raise the sunglasses over your head. Both ways, the earbuds are hidden and secure!



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    I travel every week, and walk around the airport, and on the plane, with my headphones on. I'm telling the world that I'm not listening. I don't think it's rude. What I do think is rude is dealing with people without taking them out. For example, when I stop to buy something, I take both ear buds. Even if I have exact change. It's just the right thing to do. On that same trian of thought, when someone has their headphones in, they are saying they aren't listening. Don't talk to them. If you must talk to them, tap them on the shoulder, or get their attention, and wait for them to take out their ear buds. Then, personally, I would appologize for it....

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    I have social anxiety disorders and wearing earbuds helps me block out the noise of other people when shopping. It also sends (I HOPE) a clear enough signal to leave me alone. BUT even I still take them out for the cashier. If I can do it then by golly so can everyone else.

    I feel much the same way, but with my sunglasses. I never talk to someone without taking the sunglasses off, I think eye contact is a nice thing to give, and doesn't cost a thing. I think these headphones are pretty stylish actually, wouldn't be surprised to see a commercial version out in the shops.

    I think what you describe is indeed very polite and not rude in the least. I'm probably jaded because I'm a math teacher and those little **** think I can't see the wires and it irritates me to all get out. Thanks for the perspective check!

    I used to be a math teacher myself. Back in the late 90's, before iPods and mp3 players, so I didn't have to deal with that. I can't image having gone to school when I was a kid with my headphones on. As a parent, I wouldn't let them get away with that crap.

    as a bodyguard for the president i have everyone fooled. my ipod shuffle is connected to my earpiece under my collar.

    I am a student and at least one person in every one of my classes has a set of earbuds on. Its the funniest thing when they get chewed out for it. A few of my teachers will get cute and ask them to repeat what they just said. They always have a mildly horrified blank stare worth a few laughs. My real position is that theres a bit of a catch in the logic there. The students aren't going to pay attention if they don't want to so the teachers almost invariably reply along the lines of "If you don't want to listen to me, don't show up." This is where the catch comes in. If they don't come in they get either caught in the halls and receive a referral or are arrested for truancy when they don't show up at all. So they come to class and ignore the teacher where the most they will get is a few seconds talking to so that they put them away for about 5 minutes before powering back up. You can tell people where to be, how to get there, what to say, and many other things but you can't tell them what to value. Value comes with experience. Oh and I love listening to my music on a set of studio headphones in class. The school doesn't give a crap what I personally do. They all know me and like me more than the rest. not to sound arrogant or anything.

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    My school has specific rules against all electronic devices. I'm really not sure why. They say it is to prevent cheating, but that seems dumb since we allow programmable calculators. When I see the wires i just tell them to put it away. I personally enjoy listening to music when working, but I just have to enforce the rules.

    I don't mean to be mean but I can't stand it when the teachers say that. You as a teacher have a choice in what you do. You choose which rules you enforce. The year before last my school instituted a no hats rule. I consistantly wore my hat the last two years during most of my classes. This is because my teachers didn't believe that it was necessary for us to remove them. They chose not to enforce that rule. So there is a choice there which rule s you enforce and/or report. Now, yes, it is necessary to report some idiot with a gun, yes, it is important to report someone cheating on a test, or plagerizing a paper, but it is not necessary to remove something the student practically needs when it doesn't interfere with performance. I won't speak for others but I have no problem completing my work listening to music. In fact, if I don't listen to music frequently I start to lose it. I am addicted to melody. It actually interferes with my ability to think to go without it. If it doesn't hurt to keep it and does hurt to remove it why remove it?

    I love listening to music but, i broke bothe my radios, my mp3 player, an my cd player. Bummer.

    Mine says we can't have them either but, everyone does. Whenever they catch me I make up a really good excuse and tell them some "sappy sorry story." All my friends that know I'm kidding think it's hilarious. And then the teachers bust them for laughing and we waste soo much time.

    Yeah I'm 13 and the middle school i go to doesn't allow iPods or cell phones in class, at lunch you can have iPods but not cells. the funny thing is that the high school can have both (well the cell phone only if they have a job) but i don't think they can have them during tests since iPods can have .txt files in them

    okay now that i'm a freshman i know the "laws" about cell phones and iPods. buy a cell phone that looks like an MP3 Player. if it has a touch screen, more power to ya because then your teachers don't see the keys. i personally have the HTC touch Pro (same as the AT&T fuze or the touch diamond with a keyboard) and it looks just like a touch screen MP3 player. my ipod got stolen =( but oh well

    I wear a pair of over-ear headphones that have one speaker shot, and whenever I'm almost caught, I let them listen to the shot speaker. It's awesome for getting away with listening while working, since I have a valid excuse for wearing them. Excuse: I have a different mind because my mom drank, and I can't mentally block out noise. I hate noise. These are to silence the chatter. (Show that there's nothing playing using the shot speaker. Put it back on. Work.) My state of mind is based solely on what I hear, if there's randomness, chaos and quiet noise in earshot, I have random thoughts occur, I can't organize my thoughts and my thoughts are hard to discern. If I hear something that doesn't vary much throughout, my thoughts are all related. Has that been documented before?

    In my Web Mastering class we can listen to music and not get in trouble, almost half the class does it. We cant have cell phones out though.

    Oh but you sure do sound like a teacher's pet... ...teachers' pets unite! *dorky taped glasses fall off end of nose*

    The secret part is using your hair to cover your ears and since the wires are behind you, they're concealable under a t-shirt. I don't reccommend this to disrespectful teenagers. I will see it!