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get a large piece of science fair card board (not sure of the name) cut 3 pieces 8 inches by 5 inches

Step 2:

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cut 3 of them,

Step 3:

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cut 2 5 inches by 5 inches

Step 4:

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tape the two bigger pieces together

Step 5:

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then tape the 5x5 sides on and choose a backround

Step 6:

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tape paper on the bottom and back, when taping on the top, tape on sides NOT middle, youll see why later

Step 7:

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add decor

Step 8:

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add a top and a fish! (paper fish)

Step 9:

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now on the top back, there will be a place where you put your money in behind the bacground paper


marionpixie (author)2014-01-06

kool thing

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