Secret Binder





Introduction: Secret Binder

This binder is for hiding top secret papers or you can make it your secret money place or anything.Many possibility's.Perfect for self made spy's!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Materials

For this step just gather all the simple materials:
Binder(any kind works)
Top secret papers or money (or what ever needs hiding)

Step 2: Cutting

You want to cut on the bottom edge so its not noticable.You should be left with a pocket to put your treasures in.

Step 3: Hide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now just put in the papers and your ready to go out into the public with your top secret binder!!



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Questions & Answers


to make it more secret i cut one of the flap (door thingy) off and took the rings out and took another binder cut both door things off and used the spine (thing with the rings but take rings off) glue it to the door flap on opp side ( the side you grab to open) and took another door and did the same ( it should look like a box by now) then put the not so important items in between the doors and the "goodies" in the flap but i could not have created this without seeing your invention GOOD LUCK!

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