Secret Card Deck Compartement




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Introduction: Secret Card Deck Compartement

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

-Card deck

Step 2: Fold One of the Cards

Step 3: Cut Out the Inside

Step 4: Fold the Card Back to Normal

Do steps 2,3,4 to all of the cards but save six of them for later.

Step 5: Glue All of the Cut Out Cards Together

Step 6: Glue the Other Six Cards Together in to Two Groups of Three

Step 7: Put Glue on the Back of the Deck

Step 8: Almost Done!

Glue one of the two groups of three cards to the back of the deck

Step 9: Just About Done

Fold the group of three cards in half, then glue the other group of three cards to the top of the deck ***Only put glue on half of the card group

Step 10: Finishing Toutches

Let it all dry and put an elastic onto the deck for camouflage

Step 11: Done!

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    because of its simplicity i had to make it
    great work!


    This was the first Instructable I actually made. It was great. I had a lot of fun with it. It took me just over an hour to make. I really liked it. I hope you win the Secret Doors & Compartments Contes! I voted for you.

    I don't comment on too many but this is simple, but a good one!

    That's so awesome! I voted for you!

    This is absolutely brilliant keep up the work