Picture of Secret door CD ROM / Puerta secreta CD ROM
Hoy les comparto uno de mis lugares secretos para guardar cosas importantes o de valor, con estos sencillos pasos podrán crear su propio CD ROM secret !

Today I share one of my secret places to store important or valuable things, with these simple steps they can create their own CD ROM secret!

Intro Video:

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Step 1: Desmontaje unidad / removing unit

Picture of Desmontaje unidad / removing unit
Antes de comenzar recomiendo que sea una unidad vieja que ya no lea los CD o que ya no este en uso pero que pueda abrir y cerrar la puerta sin ningún problema.

Before I recommend is an old unit that no longer read CD or no longer in use but which can open and close the door without any problems.

Quitar los cuatro tornillos de la base 
Remove the four screws from the base.

Step 2: Retirar piezas plásticas / remove plastic parts

Picture of Retirar piezas plásticas / remove plastic parts
Se empuja la palanca que se muestra en la foto para poder abrir el compartimiento por donde entra el CD-Rom y sacar las demás partes plásticas.

Lever shown on the picture to open the compartment where it enters the CD-Rom and other plastic parts get pushed.

Ya que tengamos todo desmontado seguiremos con la unidad laser u óptica la cual retiraremos.

Since we will have everything removed with laser or optical drive which will withdraw.

Step 3: Retirar unidad óptica / Remove optical drive

Picture of Retirar unidad óptica / Remove optical drive
Se necesita retirar dicha unidad para que no estorbe al momento de cerrar la puerta del CD-Rom 

They need to remove the unit out of the way when you close the door of CD-Rom

Step 4: Acoplando la charola del CD-ROM / Putting the tray of the CD-ROM

Picture of Acoplando la charola del CD-ROM / Putting the tray of the CD-ROM
Una vez que retiramos la unidad óptica procedemos a tapar el orificio de la charola para así poder utilizar todo su espacio y poder guardar las cosas que son de valor o de importancia.

Once we remove the optical drive proceed to plug the hole in the tray in order to use all their space and keep the things that are of value or importance.
OutdoorKid6 months ago
*cough* Mexican *cough*
I've seen this before somewhere,, I was planning on making one of these but never got the chance to.
JhonDee1 year ago
Gracias por tu aporte, siempre es bienvenida cualquier idea por extraña que parezca, ya que puede dar una visión nueva de un viejo problema.
Bueno, esto es una forma de decir las cosas.
Sigue expresando tus ideas y gracias.
israbat (author) 1 year ago
Hello RAYTIAN, the key is a lock which opens a door that I have in my workshop. La llave es de un candado la cual abre una puerta de mi taller.
No he visto una llave como esa.
Yes, this is a great idea, because a thief would never steal a computer.
The point of hidden compartments is to keep your valuables safe and hidden. Either in something that appears worthless, or is hidden all together. Not to mention anything you put in there would have to be very small, and could fall down into your computer, or into the gears of the drive it's self.
raytian1 year ago
Nice work

Can anyone tell me what kind of key is the one on the left. With two notches on it?

Que tipo de llave es la que está en el lado izquierdo?
hammer98761 year ago
I like the keypad locking system, but for those of us who don't want to do a wiring job, may I make a suggestion? There is a nifty little magnetic lock that would work well for this. It is made for keeping toddlers out of cabinets. It is called a Rev-A-Lock Cabinet Security System:
israbat (author) 1 year ago
Thanks for your comments and votes. Gracias por sus comentarios y votos.
zinnatty1 year ago
Te voto, compatriota :P
billbillt1 year ago
great.. got my vote...
kaijura1 year ago
clever! and the drive not working wouldn't make anyone suspicious since we all have drives that no longer work for some reason. excellent use of a common electronics issue as subterfuge. voted!
chuckyd1 year ago
So, when I steal your computer, I get the bonus of all your "secret" goodies!!
wrsexton1 year ago
looks like loose things might fall inside unit. Perhaps a fake drawer top and a fabricated compartment attached to underside of tray might be more useful. Still, great project!
BayRatt1 year ago
It doesn't look like you entered this because I don't see a voting button, or I would surely vote for you. I like this idea... very clever!
israbat (author)  BayRatt1 year ago
Hello "BayRatt"
What happens is that it was not yet approved, but is now ready to support me with a vote on the top, thanks for your comments.
Tell me how you went with your CD-ROM, greetings.