Secret Door in Minecraft Pe


Introduction: Secret Door in Minecraft Pe

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This instructable will show you how to make a 2 min secret door on mcpe.

Step 1: The Wall

Make a simple wall with a one block wide hole in it.

Step 2: Trapdoors

Place trapdoor flat, one for each block high, then open them so they are flush with one wall.

Step 3: Paintings

Place paintings on the walls around the hole until the hole is covered and you are done. I Hope you enjoy.



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    Or you can use a door

    Sorry man, I had no idea it had already been posted :-(

    @frodo9879 prove it. Don't just put
    people down just because they have discovered something new.
    @the_crafting_guy didn't know it before, so he didn't know, so you can't
    say everyone knows.

    Anyway, its pretty cool when you just use a
    2x2 hole, put signs on the sides of the inside of the hole, put a big
    picture over it, and then change the texture of that picture so that it
    shows something like the mouth of a cave. Walk into the mouth of the
    cave, and there you are.

    i was talking to kdbarnes. i wasn't meaning to put him down.

    Everybody who places mcpe knows this. Don't claim that it is yours.

    i love this and i use it alot its mob proof :D