This is my 2nd language instructable

Step 1: The Language

I haven't came up with a name yet but its a good language

Step 2: Write/Speak

Its more of a writing language but you can speak it too(with skill),also if you can't see you separate letters with • and words with ^
Here is the alphabet:

a 26
b 25
c 24
d 23
e 22
f 21
g 20
h 19
I 18
j 17
k 16
l 15
m 14
n 13
o 12
p 11
q 10
r 9
s 8
t 7
u 6
w 4
x 3
y 2. letter separate •
z 1. space ^

Step 3: Thanks

Thanks for the view

sorry for the blurred images
(don't complain)

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The pictures are blurred and we cannot see your new language.
please Taki better photos

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