Introduction: Secret Pen Hiding Place

Build a place to hide notes in with a few minutes and a pen.(very sneaky)

Step 1: Find a Pen and Open It

Picture of Find a Pen and Open It

first find a pen and take it apart.

then you want to pull out the ink.

Step 2: Clean It Up

Picture of Clean It Up

You want to make sure that no ink gets on your precious message so roll up a tissue and clean up the bottom of the pen.

Step 3: Write a Mesage

Picture of Write a Mesage

First write a message that you want to keep secret (or just want to store).

Then roll it up and shove it in the pen. Put it back together and put in your pocket. Then leave it at the table for your accomplice to pick up.

Step 4: Write a Message and Finish Up!

Picture of Write a Message and Finish Up!

First write a message that you want to keep secret (or just want to store).

Then roll it up and shove it in the pen. Put it back together and put in your pocket. Then leave it at the table for your accomplice to pick up.


Win Guy (author)2011-01-17

LOL you misspelled aw(e)some! Cool 'Ible 5/5

iamtheinsideoutman (author)2007-05-04

when we were at school, i built a gadget from a clicky pen. i adapted it so that when you clicked it a razor* blade came out of the end instead of the nib.

*pencil sharpener blade...

LOL i do the same thing in school it helps me* *I'm emo

waffleman (author)2010-05-20

you spelled awesome wrong.....

hamwombat (author)2009-08-24

this can also be used to hide skinny cigarettes, if you happen to roll your own...

or whistlers

daninja (author)2009-07-07

We used to do this all the time at our house! Nice job!

coolboy45 (author)2008-12-11

yeah this is pretty good but I think you think up something better but its still cool:)

sicsick6 (author)2007-04-04

can this be used along with a ruderallic deflibreterator interconnected to a lysergized quill bomb?

hostile_hams (author)sicsick62008-06-16

use small words.

sicsick6 (author)hostile_hams2008-06-16

will it fit in my butt?

dombeef (author)sicsick62008-11-28

lol yes

hostile_hams (author)sicsick62008-06-17

k thanks.

KEYBOARDISBROKEN (author)2008-11-04


TheCheese9921 (author)2006-08-01

wow amazing... *sigh* i used to do this in like the first grade when we pretended to be spys

shadow2514 (author)TheCheese99212008-07-02

you can also use this trick to hide money (barely) for whatever reason

FrenchCrawler (author)2006-08-01

I may be wrong, but I'm certain "Awsome" is spelt with two e's (actually I know I'm right on this one). Or is that just to confuse anyone who may already know of this method from learning the true message of the note? Perhaps then you should write it in like binary or something of that sort. Another way of doing this is by wrapping the paper around the outside of the pen and writing your message, then putting it into the pen (works best if the paper is equally cut). Wrapping sort of like this: (front of pen) <=////////=] (end of pen). Hopefully you'll understand that the /'s is the piece of paper coiled around and so all you gotta do is write from left to right and then the receiver coils it around the pen to view the message. Works the same way as in the movie: Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, but has been used for many years, but enough about history. Enjoy your new method, get creative and use different sized objects too.

ERNesbitt (author)FrenchCrawler2008-04-24

"Awsomee?" Nope, don't see it.

The cryptography method you're describing is a transposition cypher using a scytale

FrenchCrawler (author)ERNesbitt2008-04-25

Try "awesome".... see the "e" after the "w"?

ERNesbitt (author)FrenchCrawler2008-04-29

I know... I was deliberately being silly. :)

sicsick6 (author)ERNesbitt2008-06-16

you did it wrong. silly.

The Angry Monk (author)2008-03-26

I don't think that being a kid is an excuse for rude behaviour when he obviously knows the difference. At what age do you stop being a jackass?

bounty823 (author)2007-10-17

This is cool.Whenever I want to cheat on a test I would throw a message down the air duct

bowmaster (author)2007-09-03

sned a text it is faster

bigpinecone (author)2006-10-05

if you sit in the back, like i do, you can just write a note on a piece of paper, and turn it into a paper airplane and throw it across the room to the reciever. this works great in my class because my teacher is a dork when it comes to noticing thing that are flying across the room, we have classroom wars all the time, and he doesn't do a thing

What grade are you in? Why do you act this way when you obviously know that you shouldn't? Perhaps your teacher expects you to act like a civilized young adult instead of a child.

chuck norris (author)2007-01-22

thats pretty cool. next: the pen camera!

billcd (author)2006-08-01

this is uhm, some real live 007 stuff

gruaqt (author)billcd2006-11-06

I agree this is some top notch spy stuff, all you need is a shoe phone and you're a spy (oops I'm showing my age). But seriously this is showing some good thinking in an age where privacy is an important thing.

robotguy4 (author)2006-10-10

Time to start preparing for SATs!!! No, but really, this is a simple instructable. Just study!

TSINGTAO1231 (author)2006-10-06


k-man (author)2006-08-08

if your not an idiot you can take the ink out without it leaking

0.775volts (author)2006-08-08

some of us still prefer hard copy, thank you very much!

darkmotion (author)2006-08-03

or you could just sms then or something...

Magicfap (author)2006-08-02

heres a code to try and figure out, if you can. 12,10,200,12,202,201,1/12,201,1,21,12,111,1 a friend and i made it up a few years back... its sorta like bianary

kawouter (author)2006-08-02

fun, but i usually use a blue transparent pen, so you can read what you wrote. I always use is when i have a test. Used it about 50 times and i never got caught. And by the way, if you want to store or give someone a secret message... use your cellphone =P ( not recommended at tests )

ragemage (author)2006-08-02

Bit of hot glue seals up the end and leaves the pen functioning for a little longer.

theRIAA (author)2006-08-01

you should take out the cap on the end so if you blow on it, the note flys across the room, safely into the hands of the reciver. youll look totaly awsome!

austin (author)2006-08-01

yea i used to do this back in the day as well, WE had a little competition going over who could make the coolest gadgets out of schoool supplies and such. I made one out of that little tan mechanical pencil that looks like a real pencil from far away and you twist the tip to expose the lead. Anyway the way it work was when you twisted the tip backwards the message would scroll out of the back opf the pencil.

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