Introduction: Secret to a Flaky Pie Crust

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A flaky pie crust doesn't have to be intimidating . . .

Step 1: Ingredients:

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1 cup All Purpose Flour

½ cup Shortening

½ tsp. Salt

4 Tbs. Ice Water

Step 2:

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Combine flour and salt in a bowl and mix.

Mix in shortening with fingers until combined and crumbly.

Add ice water until just combined (do not over mix).

Step 3:

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Roll out on a floured cloth with a sleeve on your rolling pin (cover your sleeve with flour too).

Step 4:

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Put pie crust into pie pan.

Step 5:

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Work as much of the crust into the pan as you can (this prevents it from shrinking while baking).

Step 6:

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Cut off any excess around the edge, fold under and make decorative edge of your choice.

Step 7:

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And now the secret to a flaky pie crust . . . with a fork poke holes and I mean poke a LOT of holes.

Step 8:

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Don’t forget to go up the sides.

Step 9:

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If you just need a cooked crust, bake at 425 degrees for 14 – 16 minutes until golden brown.

Step 10:

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If you are making a cooked pie, put your crust in the oven (425 degrees) and bake until it becomes dull (watch closely).

Step 11:

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Fill your crust with your filling, lower the temperature to whatever your recipe calls for and continue to cook as instructed.


JohnMPIII (author)2017-01-07

Can I get the same flakey results using butter in place of shortening?

BobbiLP (author)JohnMPIII2017-01-07

Yes, just make sure your butter is cold.

Augustny (author)2017-01-02

Thank you

Augustny (author)2017-01-02


Wandering what iced water adds to the crust?

Like adding iced water vs lukewarm water difference.

Thank you

BobbiLP (author)Augustny2017-01-02

The ice water keeps the fat from melting which makes a flakier crust.

fred3655 (author)2016-12-22

Is this good for quiche also?

BobbiLP made it! (author)fred36552016-12-22

Absolutely! I do the little pre-bake until the crust looks dull and then pour my quiche ingredients in and finish baking. It's also good for chicken pot pies (I just use it on top)

Swansong (author)2016-12-21

Looks delicious :)

BobbiLP (author)Swansong2016-12-22

Thank you!

connie46 (author)2016-12-22

will this keep the crust from becoming soggy ?

BobbiLP (author)connie462016-12-22

I think pre cooking the crust a little bit does help to prevent it from becoming soggy, I've never had a soggy one.

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