An a-line skirt with a simple silhouette gets interesting texture added with the use of vertical pintucks that taper at the hipline for an interesting, classic, and flattering piece you can wear with just about everything.

Shown using gray summer suiting, cotton/rayon blend.

More photos of finished shirt at my blog: Running With Scissors

Step 1: Cut Out Skirt

You can use a skirt that fits you well, just add the seam allowances and 2 extra inches at the hem to allow for the pintucks, and taper up to the fitted hip/ waist.

If you are creating a pattern from measurements, measure your waist/ upper hip where you want your skirt to sit, skirt length, and how large you want the final hem width. 
For my skirt I folded my fabric twice to cut two identical trapezoids for a front and back.
(my measurements in photo in gray for reference)
1. Waist Measurement: because you’re cutting your front/ back on a fold, your measurement will be 1/4 or divided by 4, then remember to add a 5/8” seam allowance.
2. Skirt Length: from your first line, measure along your fold the skirt length + 1.5” hem
3. Hem Width: Take 1/4 your final skirt circumference to measure out from the fold and add 2” for the fabric that will be gathered by pin tucks.
4. Connect Measurements: to get a side seam, connect the skirt waist and hem measurements in a straight angle and cut out skirt halves
What a great skirt!
That looks lovely, I can't wait to make one for myself.
What a cute and easy way to jazz up a skirt! Keeps in fun while still being professional :)

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