Secretley Watch Ipod Movies at School.





Introduction: Secretley Watch Ipod Movies at School.

I created this for use in library period at school as reading books non-stop for an hour gets boring very quickly..... therefore a means to start making.

Can be easily adapted for other ipods/MP4s.

Step 1: What You Need

For this instructable your going to need:
A craft knife.
an old book
an ipod
some cardboard
and glue.

Step 2: Step 1: Mark Out Ipod.

mark around your ipod getting ready to cut out a hole for your ipod to sit in.

Step 3: Step 2:cutting Holes in the Pages

Now to cut out the holes in the pages for were your ipod is going to sit. make sure you make deep enough to fit your ipod in so the cover can fit over it.

Step 4: Step 3: Making a Cover Part 1

From here onwards is optional and is not needed. I just did this next part because im a bit of a perfectionist.

Cut out a piece of cardboard about a centremetre in from all four sides of the page. This allows the page to still turn over like a normal page.

Step 5: Step 4: Making a Cover Part 2

Now, glue down the cardboard between two pages just above all the pages you've cut a hole in to house the ipod.

Step 6: Final Step

Now mark out where your screen and clickwheel would be when the ipod is in its housing. After marking, cut out the holes in the cover for the clickwheel and screen.

Step 7: Finish


Hope you enjoyed this instructable! Please let me know any changes you think I could make or anything I can add.



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You know that you can also put a DS in it and play it. pfftch

in your last step, you wrote VIOLA. its VOILA. if you want to know what i know about it, im french.

Hahaha sorry :P I was 12 when I made this and really didn't think about spelling. But i now know a Viola is a small violin like instrument. Thanks for the point out.

Wouldn't it be kinda obvious with the headphones anyway?
Unless you want to use the internal speaker, which would also attract attention...

This ipod didnt have the internal speaker as it was only fourth Generation. I later ended cutting a gap out of the bottom of the side of the book where the cable could be led through. Which i ran up my Jumper sleeve and out my other, leaning on my hand to cover the headphone.

Wow! No one posted the common stupid "You should be paying attention in school" thing! IM PROUD OF YOU INSTRUCTABLES!
Anyways, this is a pretty good idea :P

But someone did post such a banal comment. I'd say that solobuffalo's comment about "missing out on a wealth of knowledge by not reading..." is exactly the sentiment that you concluded was absent from these comments.

Could it be that your reading comprehension skills are lacking?  Possibly as the result of watching your media player in class?


LMAO, I wish I had something like this when I was in school. I wish there were iPods when I was in school... sigh. Im getting old :(

You would need a whack massive book to hide a walkman :)