Step 3: Setting up iCam

Picture of Setting up iCam
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The program for your computer is called 'iCamSource'. I dragged mine to the doc on my mac for convenience. Open iCamSource and set up a username and password. These can easily be changed and it is only for verification when you try to view your files via your ipod/iphone. Remember, use something crazy for a username and password. Some people use their names (not smart) and once I just typed in 'Scott' for the username and 'Scott' for the password (on my iphone) just to see what would happen (I was with my friend Scott; that is not my name) and low and behold, someone had icam set up and we could watch (technically, this is invasion of privacy, but there is no way to tell if someone is on using your username and password-icamsource will not tell you 'iphone in use' or 'you are being watched' or something like that.

Now, you can set your sensitivity of the speed, select where you want the video and/or audio to come from (I used the built in isight camera and microphone) and once you're ready, you click 'start' and the camera will turn on.