Introduction: Secure Any Padlock - TetraProof!!

Picture of Secure Any Padlock - TetraProof!!

The basic idea is to craft a simple insert to apply to the locks mechanism, which occupies the space exploited by the "shim" technique.

This I'ble will show you how to prevent a shimalaOpen Any Padlock Tetranitrate style being used to open your padlocks.

With all those shims out there spawned by that I'ble, we need some means of preventing people from using them to gain access to our valuables.

These only take a second or two each to make and won't cost you anything...
Just like the shims...

You better be quick those shims are easy to make and the criminals are coming to violate your padlocks..

What are you waiting for??

Lets begin...

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

You don't need much for these.

~ Aluminium can (Preferably of the alcoholic type and better still, full to begin with.)
~ Scissors
~ Super-Glue

Quick that's what you need to make the shims!!
Run RUN!!
Don't let the thieves beat you to a can!

Note: It would be a good idea, to throw some gloves on also. Those cans bite!!

Step 2: Constructing the Device

Picture of Constructing the Device

Slice the top and bottom off the can.

Cut a vertical line up the side.

Flatten your sheet out by placing it down on a table and smoothing it out.

Now cut out as many little pieces as you need... you should be able to make 1000's from one can.

Once you have your strips, move onto the next step.

Step 3: Adjusting for Size

Picture of Adjusting for Size

Now that we have our strips we need to adjust them to suit our padlock.
This is a simple process which involves taking the strip and wrapping it tightly around the shaft of the padlock.
This is done as to allow it to be inserted inside the padlock, to restrict the shim from being inserted.

It needs to be only one layer thick the entire way around. No over-lapping or it will be too thick for the shaft to be inserted.

You will notice in the picture that you will need to ascertain where in the tab lies which engages to notch on the shaft. We need to modify the strip to accommodate the tab and not impede its movement.

Step 4: Inserting and Fixing the Device Into Place.

Picture of Inserting and Fixing the Device Into Place.

Once the device is of the correct size to fit into your padlock, apply a drop of your super glue and insert.
Make sure that you insert it as not to impede the mechanism.

It must line up exactly or the lock will fail.

Once you have inserted the device. (Notice how I'm calling it a device now? LoL.)
close the locks shaft as to force the insert against the side walls to set.

Wait until it has cured and release the locks shaft. It may need a little help as some glue may have made contact with it. Once out clean shaft of any excess glue, apply some lubricant to the shaft and lock mechanism.

Step 5: Your Finished!!

Picture of Your Finished!!

There you have it, one Tetra-Proofed Padlock

I can finally rest assured now that the Ying and Yang, of all our padlocks security equilibrium has been re-aligned once again...

Take THAT shims.

Maybe shims can't open any padlock


grinja (author)2013-01-14

more often the hasp or padbolt is weaker than the lock so y bother with the lock when the other hardware is made of zinc coated crap steel that you can twist off bare handed almost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a pair of pliers and .......... IN

morphious69 (author)2010-04-21

wow I love how this turned in to an online text bases role playing game. seriously if you do this right it will possibly deter some one from using a shim 9trick is to make sure it is not obvious from looking that the lock is proofed against it so that the person trying to remove it will think they can just use the shim and waste time trying the shim possibly even cutting their fingers in the process. if there is a camera present when they show up to pick the lock then it will be a major fail too.

Lftndbt (author)morphious692011-05-20

The irony would kill me before I tried even opening it.

p9inter (author)2008-09-20

freeze the lock off with liquid nitrogen

Lftndbt (author)p9inter2008-09-20

While you at it why not just break out a stick of dynamite.?

BorisTheSpider (author)Lftndbt2008-09-22

I don't know about acquiring liquid nitro, but I did see an 'ible a while back that told about those compressed air cans held upside-down. Liquid CO2 will spray out and freeze it. A couple taps (number dependent on force and lock being used) with a suitable smashing device (again, dependent on lock) will break it off. Obviously not what you had in mind with this 'ible though. Kudos on the innovation, by the way.

CO2 has no liquid state, but this still might work

i think they did that on burn notice

Nice. I didn't catch that episode (as I'm not an avid TV-watcher), but that is certainly one of the more decent shows on. Nice to see hollywood writers thinking along the same lines as the community.

I don't watch tv on tv i watch it on hulu but yep it is a good show

Lftndbt (author)BorisTheSpider2008-09-23

Thanks for your comment. I would like to give that a go. I'll try it sometime.

MisterHankie (author)Lftndbt2008-09-24

or use a pipe bomb filled with matches, gunpowder, or flash powder

Lftndbt (author)MisterHankie2008-09-26

Yes, that would also work fine.

Coffee bean (author)Lftndbt2008-10-03

dont forget dremel to the hinges

deathpanda (author)Coffee bean2008-10-15

you know you could just ram it with your pickup or borrow the jaws of life from a fire truck. or get a crane with a wrecking ball. or bring the lock to a nuke testing site. or find the kid with the key beat the crap out of him and take the key. any of that will get the lock open too.

Coffee bean (author)deathpanda2008-10-16

its only a matter of time.

Lftndbt (author)Coffee bean2008-10-29

Yes, if only we had all the time in the world to pick the lock. How easy life would be.

mg0930mg (author)Lftndbt2009-01-29

Or kick the door in.

the_mad_man (author)mg0930mg2009-04-24

who about you get a skeleton key: THE CORDLESS DRILL

Lftndbt (author)deathpanda2008-10-29

Yes, that would also work fine.

Tobita (author)Coffee bean2009-01-26

How about using the key?

Punkguyta (author)MisterHankie2009-01-21

Matches in a pipe bomb would be useless.

RockInBlack (author)p9inter2008-09-20

If you have a thousand dollars to spend on a container for liquid nitrogen, you probably don't need to be stealing something locked by a padlock.

chunkymuggen (author)RockInBlack2008-09-22

or you could use a home-made black powder "opener". i just buy the finest grained gunpowder i can find and crush it into a very fin powder. then, you just keep some in a small container (i keep mine in a small glass paint jar about an inch and a half tall) and when you want to blow the bejesus out of a lock, simply apply a nice amount of the crushed gunpowder you made to the inside of the lock cylinder and smash it down with a toothpick or something. put tape over the end of the lock so the powder wont fall out. poke a hole in it and stick in a firework fuse and light it. good bye lock *evil laughter* but it's probably a good idea to do this only if you really know what's inside the locked container and it's something you REALLY want. its pretty cool to watch though. it also works on cars, houses, and your face (hint: get behind cover once fuse is lit.) i have a remote detonater i made that i just stick to the fuse.

Lftndbt (author)chunkymuggen2008-09-23

You a whole wealth of knowledge arn't you??!

chunkymuggen (author)Lftndbt2008-09-23

yup. also, if the idea mentioned above dosent work, and the padlock is on a shed or something, you could just break the LATCH the lock is connected to by pulling and pushing really hard or unscrewing it. or you could make some thermite which burns hot enough to melt steel. heres the instructable thermite
i caution you with this though, because it can (and probably is) considered illegal in most states. advice: dont get caught.

and if that don't work, shoot the bastard about ten times with your ISRAELI 50 CALIBER DESERT EAGLE (tightest handgun EVER invented)

Coffee bean (author)chunkymuggen2008-10-03

thats alot of blowback

chunkymuggen (author)Coffee bean2008-10-03

yeah, but also a lot of power *evil laughter*

Lftndbt (author)chunkymuggen2008-09-26

Yeah sure, got a spare one??

Lftndbt (author)RockInBlack2008-09-20

I would agree with you also.

The Engine Room (author)2009-07-01

The idea of the shim is that you leave no trace and do not damage the lock. Otherwise, bolt cutters work nicely...

Don't they get messed up after a few locks? Anyway, this goes way back before Tetranitrate. As long as there's been padlocks, there's been the padlock "slimjim"

_soapy_ (author)2009-03-30

Nice trick. Of course, if your padlock is cheap and rubbish enough to shim then you probably need a better one. Those terrible tolerances on the shackle fit, and the fact that it's not got ball bearings holding the shackle in place mean that there's far more than shimming there for an easy opening.

Besides, a real shim is made from good steel, and is far thinner. I've used them professionally about 6 times in the literally thousands of entries I've made. Even with proper ones, you rarely find they work. These days (in the UK) even cheap padlocks won't shim. They have to be *really* cheap.

Lftndbt (author)_soapy_2009-04-01

I agree totally. ;-)

the machine (author)2008-09-19

Bolt cutter ftw.

LinuxH4x0r (author)the machine2008-09-19

Acetelyne FTW!

conrad2468 (author)LinuxH4x0r2008-09-19

LinuxH4x0r (author)conrad24682008-09-19

I still like acetylene better

conrad2468 (author)LinuxH4x0r2008-09-19


Lftndbt (author)conrad24682008-09-20

LoL! Don't back down that quickly, Nitroglycerin rules acetylene!

conrad2468 (author)Lftndbt2008-09-20

nitroglycerin is still better cause it explodes at more fps AND it destroys the lock! acetylene just burns stuff nitroglycerin explodes and you can do more stuff with it besides burn stuff...

Lftndbt (author)conrad24682008-09-20

Right on brother!! Power to ya!! Nitroglycerin is definatley the way to go!

conrad2468 (author)Lftndbt2008-09-20

see he agrees with me!

Lftndbt (author)conrad24682008-09-20

If we agree that the most viable way of removing this padlock now is nitroglycerin, then I am a happy man. My intention was to stop "shim attacks"....Looks like I have done that.

conrad2468 (author)Lftndbt2008-09-20

yes but your missing the importance of the argument.....

Lftndbt (author)conrad24682008-09-20

What is that? That there are many means, of removing/destroying a padlock? Can I ask, do you carry Nitroglycerin on you often? If your answer is going to be "yes" then I do not believe there is much point continuing this as you have obviously completley missed the point of this I'ble. Pfft... Nitroglycerin. LoL

conrad2468 (author)Lftndbt2008-09-21

i dont like to carry nitroglycerine cause of its unstability so i prefer to make it on site preferrably in the winter...

Lftndbt (author)conrad24682008-09-21

Well lets hope the owner of the padlock doesn't return whilst you have your mini lab set up next to it. Or the police for that matter.

conrad2468 (author)Lftndbt2008-09-21

i can carry nitro with me i just have to carry VERY VERY small amounts ie an eyedropper....unfortunately ive never made nitro before (parents!!!!!!) but if i did thats how i would carry it......

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