Picture of Security Camera Lamp
When I saw this lamp I knew I had seen it somewhere before (my brain is really good in remembering unimportant stuff). It took me quite a while to figure out where, until I remembered, that it was in the Britney and Madonna Video "Me Against The Music".

I wanted to make it, but my plan was to turn it into a statement piece. Today it is normal to be filmed everywhere and rarely people are wondering on how much it it is invading their privacy.

Step 1: Stuff you need

Picture of Stuff you need
  • cheap lamp (Mine is called Lagra from ikea), or an AC plug with a switch, a bulb holder and a reflector.
  • Security Camera dummy (e.g. on amazon or ebay)
  • Duct tape
  • optional: canvas, red acrylic paint, paintbrush
  • light bulb, please check out the second picture
  • Dremel (I've used a 1/2 x 1/2 inch Sanding Mandrel, a SpeedClic Plastic Cutting Wheel, a SpeedClic Metal Cutting Wheel and a drill bit), alternatively a metal saw, sanding paper, a drill and patience...
  • safety glasses
  • a screwdriver
  • pliers

arzola12 years ago
Thanks, I'm using your instructable to make a lamp using an old camera
Great Idea! I don't think i'd like a lamp like this one for everyday domestic use, however, I think i'ts an awesome concept for an art piece. Thanks for inspiring me! :D
one consideration: you should have mounted a shim diagonally across the corner for the third screw to mount to instead of hot gluing to the canvas. Maybe that's just overkill, though
If you didn't paint your mural red... a red bulb would really state the evilness of the invasion of our privacy. Great Instructable!
rick62134 years ago
great instructable,
you said: "my brain is really good in remembering unimportant stuff"
well me too but sometimes it is just good that you remberd that
richms4 years ago
Nice. Is heat a problem with the lamp being enclosed like that?

If the dummy cam had the thread on the top like real cameras, it could be a cieling lamp too.
BrittLiv (author)  richms4 years ago
thanks, I think it depends on the light bulb, I haven't had any problems so far (else one can probably just get rid of the glass).
It's no problem to mount it to the ceiling, but it is not as bright and more like a spotlight, so it's not really suitable to light a whole room.
zascecs4 years ago
neat idea
Chumlee4 years ago
sweet idea im defently gonna try this when i redecorate my room
BrittLiv (author)  Chumlee4 years ago
Thanks a lot, it is very easy as well and a good eye catcher. Please show me some pictures, when you make it.
kcls4 years ago
Good job, and cool idea!