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A few days ago I tidied up my desk. Throw all the unused paper into trash you know.
Then this little Post-It in Front of my webcam got my Intention. I thought to myself why don't make it better.
The Idea of a security camera to protect your privacy came suddenly.

Step 1: Take the Mass

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First you need to decide how big your security CameraProtector should be.

Step 2: Design the Net

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After knowing what lenght you need design your CameraProtector like a real Camera.
Don't forget glue points.

Step 3: Glue It Together

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I think after you Made your own pattern you know Best how to glue it


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Have fun with your very own Security CameraProtector.
Much better than the Post-It, right?


seamster (author)2015-06-16

Ha! This really clever! I love the look of the cover you made. Nicely done.

aphidias (author)seamster2015-06-16

thank you, hope my english was not to terrible :D

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