See Electrons With a Naked Eye!!!





Introduction: See Electrons With a Naked Eye!!!

Hello Everyone

I am Rishabh...A 16 year old guy from India fond of Electronics..

This is my first Instructable. I came across a Science exploration contest so i decided to post what I accidentally discovered while Experimenting(Or you can call it just to go deep into functioning of various gadgets and appliances)

So this is my first DIY Instructable...Please vote if you like the idea

Many people are fond of just having a look at electrons but they could not afford to buy expensive Electron microscopes which would be useless after they see those tiny Particles!!!

So here is the INEXPENSIVE way of having a glimpse of Electrons..

Caution:-The components of the Television might cause Injury or Electric Shock..Do Not Touch The Components Other Than Specified...

Step 1: Gathering the Required Materials

The Materials I have used can be easily either bought from a hardware store or could be found at your home.

Here is a List of all those Things


1. A compasses(Geometrical) and a Divider[You can even use any conductor pieces as substitute]
2. A Screw Driver[Or any other thing with a plastic coating on one end and conductor on the other.]
3. Pliers
4. A Long Copper wire(for Earthing)
5. Two Aluminium Keys[Any Aluminium/Zinc Conductors]
6. A Working/Non-Working T.V.[Picture Tube Must BE Working]

Step 2: Preparing for the Experiment

• Preparing the T.V. and -ve Plate

1. Remove the Back Cover of the T.V. and locate a Black Cap like thing near the back of screen(Shown in Picture)
2. Connect the Aluminium/Zinc conductor to this cap by placing it above the cap.(shown in Pic 2)
3. Connect the compass and divider to this key's hole.
4. Now connect these to the Pliers so that it holds the arrangement in place.
5. Now place another key(Conductor) on the pliers.

• Preparing the Earthing +ve Plate

1. Take the copper wire and wind/solder it around the conductive part of screw driver.
2. Keep the other end of the copper wire in contact with the Earth.(Simlpy just hold it beneath your shoe)

Step 3: The Final Showdown

Now comes the most Interesting part.....
1. Hold the screw driver(with wire for earthing) and bring it close to the Aluminium/Zinc conductor..
2. Adjust it's position so tjat you could see tiny light bands going from conductor to the screw driver...
These bands are clusters of electrons that quickly move to the +ve plate...
Thankyou for Reading....
If you feel like voting ,Please Encourage.....
The experiment is shown in video. You can have a Look at that.

The link for video is:-

The Experiment is an original idea and subject to copyrights. Kindly contact before using commercially...



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All I see is a spark. Maybe I'm missing something but any spark shows the passing of trillions of electrons. Can you explain how this experiment is unique?

hi buddy...
its unique to me because it was my first accidental discovery....
moreover you can get a supply of current as well as magnetic field and can amend it to perform it in your own way....moreover it does not require any additional components except a CRT T. V. ...
AND LAST it's to much messy (hahaha) as It was my first instructables. ..

Thanks for your comment...

Messing with the high voltage from a TV like this is fun, but it is not safe. I would not try this at home. Sorry.

High voltages are no problem when your ampères are low. I don't know how much ampères are going through that jolt, so I can't say it's 100% safe either.

By amperes you mean current or charge/unit time. If a very current limited supply is connected to a capacitor ( as they often are ) then the capacitor can supply the possibly fatal current. Even after the supply is turned off.

Current or charge per unit time are the same. Current is the amount of charge per unit time.

You're right about the capacitor though, I guess.

I was trying to recharge a battery of 3.5 volt of 890 mAh
This is what happened
can you explain it why it got sooo swollen???


thank you for your support

It is due to the reason that i had mentioned not to touch any other parts

It's good that you're trying interested in figuring how different devices work. But just a quick warning, always be careful when using high voltage supplies. Also, if that's a very old CRT TV, there's a slight chance that it emits low energy x-rays which, in the long term, might be harmful to you. But keep it up! ;)