Step 2: Now Try Using the Front-Facing FaceTime Camera to See Light from an Infrared LED

Picture of Now Try Using the Front-Facing FaceTime Camera to See Light from an Infrared LED
Now press the "switch cameras" icon in the upper right corner of the iPhone's Camera app so that the FaceTime camera's view is being displayed on the screen.  You will probably see yourself on the screen.

Now point the FaceTime camera at the LED end of your TV remote control and press a button on the remote.

Your eye can't see the IR light, but now you will see the IR light appear in the viewfinder as a bright white light.

It turns out that the FaceTime camera on an iPhone 4 does NOT have IR filtering on it!  Yay!

I hope this is useful to even just one person in the Instructables community.  Please use this information for good, and not for evil.
andyhess1 year ago

I have a slightly different story. I have a Samsung Galaxy III, on the lens that faces away from the screen, I can see dim purple dots blinking (that I can't see with my eyes) on my tv remote, but the rear facing lens (the lower quality one) I see a bright bluish-white light. So a not very dense filter on one and no filter on the other.
gomanjorge3 years ago
I can confirm that this works with the iPhone 4S too.
Works on my iphone 5 as well. Facetime camera, not the forward facing camera. Very cool.

TechShopJim (author)  gomanjorge3 years ago

Hi GomanJorge...

Excellent...thanks! Actually that's what I have. I should have specified.

drdan1523 years ago
McMchriis3 years ago
In all Of the Digital cameras we can see that!!!
c0deater3 years ago
i can also confirm this works on both cameras of the motorola atrix 4g,.