This is a See Thru Birdhouse I made with up-cycled pallets and an old CD case. After completion, you'll have a sweet birdhouse that will let you see the activity inside!

I built this birdhouse without glue, because I read it can take up to a year for birds to move in due to the smell, and I just didn't want to wait that long!

Here's what you'll need:

-pallet planks
-hole saw kit

Step 1: Make your window

Remove the cover from an old CD case. CAREFULLY bend the edges forward. There will be a quick SNAP, and hopefully you'll have a clean break (It took me two tries). Sand down edges if necessary.

Next, use a drill to make a small hole in each corner.

took a while due to wet weather but hope sis likes
<p>Doesn't the house dangle around on windy/stormy days?</p>
<p>It totally did. I secured it elseware when I realized that.</p>
<p>Cool! I love the shape, too, it's adorable! </p>
<p>Too cool! Can't wait to see pics of birds nesting</p>
<p>I'll post 'em as soon as it happens!</p>

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